My Dearest Sweet Pea 2013

My Dearest Sweet Pea,

                I can not believe tomorrow morning you will wake up as a 2 year old.  I really thought the first year of your life flew by fast but that was nothing compared to this past year.  I seriously feel like I was just running around like crazy getting everything ready for your Candy Land first birthday.  It feels like a blink of an eye and that makes me lose my breath. 

            There has been no greater joy in the whole world than watching you transform from a newborn to toddler.  You are becoming more and more of a little (over opinionated) lady every day.  The growth is magical and fascinating to watch.  As excited as I am to continue to watch you grow, I do wish time would slow down a little. 

             You and I have gotten our little daily routine down to a science!  You wake up every morning calling out for us, letting us know you are all done sleeping.  The look of excitement on your face every morning when you see daddy and I makes my heart melt EVERY time!  We have breakfast (and you always want to eat half of mommy's) and we play.  You love to read books and sing songs (especially "I'm a Little Teapot" and "Roll Up the Map").   You know your animals and your colors and just a few letters.  You get very excited when you see the letter "A"!  You love ALL things Mickey (who you call "ISHY") and Minnie Mouse.  We always have a day full of adventures (especially when you throw your tantrums).  I wouldn't change anything!

           The next year of our lives will be very exciting!  You brother is coming to join us in just a couple months!  I know it may be difficult at first for you because you are used to just Mommy all day long.  Let me tell you a secret, Mommy feels that way too.  I am SO very happy to bring your brother to us but my heart gets a little sad because I know it won't be just you and I anymore.  I promise to always make special time for you and in no time, we will have our special days out together, where we can get mani and pedi's.  I very much look forward to those days. 

          Every single day, my love for you grows stronger and each night before I go to bed I think there is no possible way I could love you more...and then the next day I do.  You are everything Mommy prayed for...everything I have ever wished on a star for!!!

        Happy Second Birthday Baby Girl!!!!!  I love you all day, every day and twice as much today!!!!

Love, your Mama