A Dream of Peanut

Before I even knew I was pregnant, I had this really weird dream that I was nine months pregnant and didn't know (and no I don't watch that show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" because I honestly don't see how that's even possible. But anyway....). The dream was so strange.

All of a sudden, I'm in the hospital and we are freaking out. I had no idea what I was having. Then out of nowhere, the baby kicked it's foot out of my stomach and I looked down at it and saw a little foot with a Michael Jordan sock (um hello RANDOM?!) on it and I turned to my husband and said "it's a boy!". That's all I could remember....

And then two weeks later, I found out I am pregnant.

My husband and I were talking about how crazy the dream was ....I was actually pregnant when I had it.

So you could imagine my surprise when I learned that Peanut is actually a boy!!!

It's like my subconscious was preparing me for all this! Although I'm not sure what the whole Michael Jordan sock means.....unless he's gonna be a basketball player (or maybe own the Chicago Bulls or work/model for Fruit of the Loom or decide he wants to be a baseball player for ONE season).