Don't Mess With A Mama Bear

I consider myself very aware of my surroundings.

 I often get "feelings" about people. I trust them and I act accordingly.  Of course, I HAVE been wrong but I have also been right.  If my thirty two years on earth have taught me anything so far....it's to always trust your instincts!

This awareness has become complete hypervigilance once Sweet Pea was born. 

I like to think of it as "Mama Bear Syndrome".  I will do ANYTHING to protect my child. 

I've learned a long time ago that while there ARE lots of good people out there in the world...there are also lots of bad and crazy people too.  They come in all different forms. Sometimes they are easy to spot!  That makes my job a lot easier. 

However, sometimes, they are not.

I am constantly on guard....Basically I think every stranger is a predator. 

Today, I was at one of my FAVORITE stores buying way more than the ONE thing I went in there for.  We were waiting at the checkout lane and this old man walks up and begins to stare at Sweet Pea.  I looked at him and smiled and he said " She is the best thing I have seen in this store today!".  Being that I TOTALLY agree with him, I just smiled and said "Thank You".

But then he continued to stare at her and my CREEP alert went off.  He then told me how beautiful she is and took a step towards her.

I jerked the cart backwards, closer to me.  I knew if he took one step closer, the words "GET THE F**K AWAY FROM MY CHILD" would be coming out of my mouth.  I continued to check out as quick as I could, making sure I did not take my eyes off of him for ONE second.

He then said " She is so beautiful. Only little girls could be that beautiful".

He's lucky he kept his distance or I can guarantee you he would NOT be able to walk.  

The whole thing made my super mama spidey sense go on full red alert.

While I understand that he could have VERY easily been a grandfather that adores his grandkids, I also realize how he could have VERY easily been one of those BAD people I was talking about.  Predators don't have to wear necklaces that say "I am a pig" in public. 

We have all heard ONE too many stories about bad people taking away the innocence of children and my run in might have been harmless and meant nothing, but I will never allow Sweet Pea to be put in a predicament like that that I can control. 

Has anyone ever had an experience like this? What do you do to keep your little ones safe?