The Cheerio Smuggler

Feeding has become interesting with a toddler. 

On one hand, gone are the days of prepping and washing bottles.  I no longer need to buy the ridiculously priced formulas. 

But on the other hand, I now have to deal with multiple sippy cups, prepping and cutting food into tiny little bite size pieces, and cleaning up the huge mess that was left behind....

Because seriously...the way Sweet Pea eats has about half of it in her mouth but the rest of it on the floor, in her high chair, in her hair and stuck to her clothes. 

Each and every time, I lift her up out of the chair, it is like a game of hide and seek.....where did she hide the food and where will I find it....

I would say a majority of the time, the food is somewhere I can see it and then I spend a ridiculous amount of time each day cleaning it up!

However sometimes, I get surprised....sometimes I won't find the food until we go for a diaper change.  SOMEHOW food gets into the band of her diaper!!! I've found ground beef and cheese after Tacos, spaghetti and meatballs, cheese, peas, and most often...Cheerios. 

Those little circles of toddler goodness ALWAYS seem to make it somewhere in her clothes.  At least one...EVERY TIME!

Part of me thinks that Sweet Pea is just saving some food for later as a snack (mama must teach her how to use her pockets!!) and part of me thinks this is an evil ploy from the cereal company to get more branding....if the Cheerios always fall out of their clothes and diapers, they will often land places where they typically wouldn't be so in essence it's FREE ADVERTISING for toddlers. We all know a toddler has no sense of self control when they spot these. 

Maybe Sweet Pea is trying to help out all the fellow babies by spreading her Cheerios around....

....My Little Cheerio Smuggler.


Kakunaa said...

P is a thrower of food. I vacuum a lot. My parents hate having him for meals, LOL.