Don't Ignore My Journey

Don't ignore my journey...

I hurt....
I struggled....
I cried....

I went through cycle after cycle of negatives.  Cycle after cycle of depression.  

I lost friends and gained friends and then lost those friends too.

My marriage suffered but then got stronger.

I spent countless hours waiting...for doctors...for bloodwork...for test results...for a baby..

Even at my lowest, when I didn't think I could carry on....I found strength...I found hope...I learned to fight.

And I had her....my perfect precious daughter. My life is full of sunshine.

But the journey still remains....the story is not different! It's tattooed forever on my soul. 

I proudly share the story of conceiving my daughter....the blood, the sweat and the tears.   I want the world to see how truly precious she is!

Don't assume I am "healed" or "fixed" because of the outcome......that never could really ever be true. 

I still struggle with it all...I still struggle with infertility.  I am forever a statistic.

Don't ignore my journey... it made me the mother I am today. 

*This post was written for National Infertility Awareness Week.  For more information on infertility please click here


Michelle said...

Love love love!!