My Dearest Sweet Pea

My Dearest Sweet Pea,

             Last year at this time, I sat awake with excitement over finally being able to hold you the next day.  My heart skipped a beat when I thought about what life was going to be like with you in it and I am sure I had major butterflies (along with those precious kicks).  Tonight, I sit here on the eve of your first birthday thinking about your first year.  You have changed my life in more ways than I will ever be able to express to you in words. 
           Every morning, I wake up to hear your "singing", your coo's to let me and daddy know you are awake and each and every morning I jump out of bed with excitement to see you.  I race up the stairs with anticipation and the BEST moment of my day is when our eyes meet.  We have the same smile at that moment....your face mirrors mine as I ask all about your sleep and tell you how much I missed you.....because I did.  I did not know it was possible to physically miss something that is only in the next room....but it is.....I feel that every night. 

      We go through the schedule of our day as we play and read books together. You love when Mommy reads/sings you "Snuggle Puppy" and Mommy loves to see you happy.  We dance and sing to the Wiggles.  We play with the seemingly endless amount of toys you have.  Each day is true perfection (even when you are teething). 

    Oh sweet angel, I can't tell you how much I adore your cuddles and kisses!!!
     Each night, I give you your bottle and kiss your sweet head as I thank god for giving you to Daddy and I.  I have always pictured having a child, a beautiful daughter....yet, I could NEVER have imagined someone as perfect as you.  And every night, I whisper the same words  "I love you ALL day, every day and twice as much today".  I lay you down for the night, leaving a piece of my heart in the crib with you and anxiously awaiting the next morning when I can feel whole again.

   For Mommy, you are everything!  The words

    I love you will never be strong enough.

  Thank you for the last year....for breathing new life into me.....for teaching my heart to beat to the sound of your pure perfection.....for providing me with an unfathomable amount of love and happiness....for being everything I have ever wanted and everything I never could imagine was possible.

   Tomorrow, Mommy and Daddy are throwing a huge party and we invited all your close family and friends. Tomorrow, we all gather to celebrate what Mommy and Daddy celebrate every single day....the day you were born!

Happy FIRST birthday baby!

I love you, all day, every day, and twice as much (especially) today,

Your Mommy