It's Almost Time.....

I am officially in the depths of First Birthday planning!

Truth be told, I figured out the theme at some point in the first month of Sweet Pea's life (and I've totally been mentally planning since).

I am a total Type A personality!  That being said, it shouldn't shock anyone that I am sort of obsessed with it. 

At any given time. you can catch me:
- on the phone with my sister for the second, tenth, or seventy fifth time that day
- making a list of the lists I have already made and then color coding the lists of the lists and probably deciding I need another list
-googling the same images OVER AND OVER hoping that I can see something new in them
-daydreaming (and possibly even drawing a map) of the way the room is going to be set up
-making more lists in my phone of the lists I have on paper....
-spending hours on pinterest, thinking I actually am a lot more creative than I am
-trying something from pinterest and realizing I suck
-calling my sister again
-making another list after calling my sister
-asking my husband's opinion on something when we both know if he doesn't agree with me, I will either just get mad at him or not listen and do it anyway. 

I am so detail oriented when it comes to parties.  For me, its the little things that make the biggest statements.  This can be both a blessing and a nightmare. 

So for those around me, I apologize over the obsessive *more than normal* talk about Sweet Pea's first birthday party! 

It's just me....It's who I am ...and to know me is to love me right?!?!  RIGHT?!!?!

PS- don't you totally love how I put a list in this very blog....I FRIGGEN LOVE LISTS!!!!!