Am A Smother Mother

I am completely 100% head over heels in love with my child. (I'm sure this came as no surprise to you all). 

I am totally mushy gushy when it comes to my daughter.

From the second she wakes up in the morning, my heart begins to skip a beat.  From the second our eyes met each morning, I am consistently telling her how much I missed her while she was sleeping...because it really is the truth.  My heart learned to beat with hers when I carried her and now it can't stand to be away from hers.  

As I scoop her up, I begin to cover her with kisses...which becomes an all day affair because simply put, there is no way to look at her and hold her without giving her a kiss.

Then we start the tough part of the day, where I try to put into words just how much I love her.  There are never enough words....no words are ever enough.  However, you can bet I try.  Our days are full of "I love you's", "You are mommy's FAVORITE", and " I can't thank God enough for you".

And as I lay her sweet dreaming body to sleep at night, I always whisper the same thing as I kiss her gorgeous head of curls....
"I love you ALL DAY, 
                               Every day, 
                                              And twice as much today".

As Sweet Pea and I played today, she began to laugh and I scooped her up into my arms and began to give her many kisses and then I said "Mommy loves to smother you in kisses".

I placed her down and began to panic....




Will my child be in therapy for the rest of her life because I can't stop hugging her, staring at her, kissing her and telling her how much I love her?!!?

I sat there in disbelief that maybe, just maybe, I am messing her up by doing that.  And as the panicked look spread across my face, my future therapy patient crawled over to me, signaled for me to pick her up, snuggled into my shoulder, then picked her head up and gave me a kiss. 

She totally loves her smother mother!


Mrs. Cline said...

Love love love. I'm guilty of this too. May our daughters never wonder if we love them. :)