The Girl That Cried "Cough"

My sweet little darling has started a new "thing". 

This is what she does when she wants our attention. 

I'm sure plenty of other babies have ways to get their parents attention.  Some might cry.....Some might yell....

....mine.....well...she coughs. 

I didn't mistype that....she coughs.

Picture you are sitting and having a conversation with your spouse and you hear this over the top dramatic fake cough.  Yep...that's my daughter.

At the age of seven months she is all about the drama.

The first couple of times I am sure I jumped up in a panic.  She wanted attention and she got a very over-reactive worried mama in her face making sure she was ok. 

Then I saw the pattern.......so we tried to ignore it ....

Only Sweet Pea wasn't having any of that.....her "cough" then transformed into a fake "choke" which of course scared the pee out of me the first time she did it.  Once again over-reactive worried mama in her face making sure she was ok. 

After a couple heart attacks of the "fake choking" by both my husband and myself...we decided we needed the lesser of the evils and that happened to be the "fake cough".  

Our sweet little mastermind princess started to do the fake choking thing and we ignored her (after of course we very discreetly made sure she was ok).  Slowly but surely, the "fake cough" returned and we made a BIG deal out of it. 

So that's what she does....when my daughter wants our attention, she fake coughs. 

Sweet Pea will be an Academy Award winner....Mark my words!