My Date With the Paparazzi

I consider myself a pretty safe driver. 

I go the speed limit...or close to it.

I always wear my seatbelt.

I stop when I am supposed to. 

I don't typically have road rage.   

What?   I really don't.  I'm truly not in THAT big of a hurry to get anywhere. 

Yes there are some times that I am in a little bit of a hurry and I get stuck behind Gramps who can barely see over the steering wheel...so much so that when you look in your rearview mirror, all you see are a hat and knuckles.  OR the person that's talking on their cell phone NOT paying attention and slows down because they don't know where they are going.  Yes, these things annoy me...

But for the most part...I am pretty Zen with my driving (the one aspect of my life that I am actually ZEN with).

There is one circumstance that brings out the uncaged female tiger in me....when other people have road rage. 

That's right folks...I have road rage when other people have road rage.   I have road rage rage. 

Tonight, I was on my way home from food shopping.  I was turning left in a very busy intersection. As I pulled up to the intersection, the light started to changed and I STOPPED (OH THE HORROR).  You would think I almost hit an old lady holding a baby and a puppy because the man behind me laid on his horn for a RIDICULOUS amount of time......seriously...like 30 sec!!!  Then I watched him proceed to have what looked like a seizure in his front seat....only he wasn't having a seizure....HE WAS YELLING at me...IN HIS CAR...WITH HIS WINDOWS ROLLED UP.  So actually, that big tough man was yelling at himself (these are youtube type moments).

Guess what buddy...I am NOT speeding through this intersection....I have a baby at home!  How do I know the other cars won't jump the light?!?!   Not a chance I am taking!

I looked back at him and all I saw was RED.....I GOT SO ANGRY!!!! I pictured getting out of my car and going all FIGHT CLUB on his ass. 

When the light turned green, I started to turn.....he cut me off on the right and as he was passing and giving me that look, I began waving at him like I knew him.  For one brief second, I could tell I startled him and he instantly tried to scan his memory to see if we knew each other....and after he decided he didn't he took his car and swerved it into my lane....LIKE A MATURE ADULT. 

My favorite part of this story....his license plate said "NYP"....NEW YORK PRESS. 

So this was my dangerous run in with the PAPARAZZI! 

Seriously...who wants my autograph?!?!


You Can Call Me "Chef Mommy"

 I decided I was going to be all "Martha Mommy Stewart" and make baby food.  

Sweet Pea has been eating baby food now for almost three months.  At first, the insane fear of a food allergy consumed my life. I spaced each new food out FIVE DAYS and would spend time at EVERY diaper change searching for a tell-tale food allergy rash. 

You could imagine my surprise when that rash came.  I FREAKED out.  Was certain that I would be reading ALL food labels in my future to make sure ALL foods she ate didn't contain green beans.  We rushed to the doctor only to be told it Sweet Pea has sensitive skin and that it was contact dermatitis. 

Well this placed a HUGE DAMPER in my time spent searching for the tell tale food allergy rash.....

We survived...all the cereals....all the first veggies and all the first fruits......with no allergies (Thank you JESUS!).

After I seriously and severely calmed down, I began to want to make baby food.   There was so much that didn't come in the form of baby food that I wanted her to experience.   I found an amazing website (wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com) and read lots and lots about it.

Yes I am the one who burned crock pot soup.....

Yes I am the one who DESTROYED a recipe by not adding JUST the RIND....I thought the white stuff was the rind  too.....

What can I say....My mother's favorite thing to make for dinner was reservations. (LOVE YOU MOM)   I am not even kidding you when I say that we used to get a Christmas card from our Chinese food delivery place....and one year they sent cookies....not just almond or fortune cookies....a HUGE TRAY OF  COOKIES.  Looking back now I like to think that we were just investing in their children's college funds.

Anyway....to say I was nervous was an understatement.

However, I put on my apron and started to buy some fruit and veggies.   

Only I didn't know how much to buy.....

So I bought a lot ...because I mean obviously I am feeding a team of hungry baby linebackers. 

You would not BELIEVE the amount of baby food ONE butternut squash makes.....now times that by three. 

We are probably set on baby food until she at least turns 21......

In my panicked state of not wanting to waste any of it, I started to think of ways to use it all.

Here is what I have come up with:
1- Start a "baby food" diet.....Didn't Jennifer Aniston totally do something like that?!?!
2- Use the baby food as ice cubes in our drinks.
3- Save the baby food for Thanksgiving and serve that as dinner with the Turkey.
4- Defrost the baby food cubes and serve as a soup on Thanksgiving.
5- Hand out a few cubes to the Trick or Treaters on Halloween
6- Develop new cocktails.....Butternut Squash Beer or Green Bean Gin and Tonic

Regardless, I AM enjoying making the baby food for her.....

So when she turns 21, I will have to make some more!