Me....In Concert

For as long as I can remember, I've had this little secret. 

I LOVE to listen to music while I am taking a shower and getting ready. This shouldn't be a big surprise.  A lot of people do .....that's why they invented that nifty shower radio right?!?!  I never had one of those by the way....so before the IPOD, I had to drag my big boom box music player into the bathroom with me!

Speaking of before the IPOD....There was a couple choices for music.....the radio or the cassette tape (or later the CD).  I happened to ALWAYS shower during commercial breaks on the radio!!! I was a walking advertisement for V.I.M Jeans and Club Hunka Bunka (in Sayerville.....NY/NJ reference). So I would bring my cassette tapes in.   There was nothing like listening to side A of the cassette tape and then having to flip it over to side b.  CD's eliminated that but seriously with the exception of a very few albums...who listened to EVERY SONG?!? (Mariah Carey's Music Box, Janet Jackson's Janet, Christina Aguilera's Stripped).  I used to make mixed cd's (the evolution of a mixed tape)....which definitely worked...but GOOD LORD, god bless APPLE!!!

Anyway....where was I?!?   Oh yes....I love music while I am showering.   But that my friends isn't my secret. 

My secret is that I pretend I am performing while getting ready.   Yep there it is...I am putting it out there.  I conduct my own concerts and act out my own music videos (where I both sing AND dance) in my bathroom.

Ok fine...it's not just in the bathroom....I do it in the kitchen too...while I am cooking....

For so long, I had no audience.  I would have LOVED to do that for a living and end up on American Idol or something but I was considerate enough to save your ear drums (YOU ARE WELCOME).

So yesterday, my hubby was working later than normal and I had to get dinner going.  I decided to put Sweet Pea in her high chair with some toys and get to work.  She was all settled in having a blast....so I put on Pandora and started breading those chicken cutlets.

Two songs in and one of my FAVES to "perform" to came on.

Madonna "Material Girl"  and somewhere among the bread crumbs and the frying pan....I "forgot" I had company.  I turned to see my precious little daughter smiling at her mama and  giggling.

There it was.....my first audience.  And just like when I am dancing in my bathroom, pretending to be "in concert", my audience was captivated and mesmerized.

Midway through the song, Sweet Pea started shrieking.  I like to think she was trying to sing along, instead of begging me to be quiet.

One day this will be embarrassing to her.....One day she might roll her eyes at my performances....but right now, she loves it....

Seeing that smile and hearing that laugh is priceless.

Better go practice some new material.