It's That Time Of Year Again

I am SO sorry that I have totally sucked at posting on here lately.

I have been in the trenches of wife hell!

My dear Sweet Pea is teething something fierce and she is NOT a quiet teether....

AND my strong herculean husband has hurt his back at work....

The full body exhaustion that I have been feeling is CRAY-CRAY (YES I went there! I just need to point out how much I HATE when people say that...so I thought I would annoy you with it also).

Anyway....what is new? 

Oh yes, the process of moving Sweet Pea to her crib has officially been halted after she face-planted right into one of the bars like FIVE minutes after I placed her in there.  She was screaming and I just decided that for RIGHT NOW she is totally better being the Buddy The Elf of her co-sleeper. 

(I'll try again soon.....k?)

Also we are getting into THAT time of the year.

My FAVORITE time of the year.

FALL (especially Halloween to Christmas)

I use to spend the time leading up to the holidays reminding myself that it was probably going to be the LAST time I would have to spend THAT holiday without a baby.  

I did that for four years.

Now the fact that Sweet Pea will be experiencing all this FUN stuff with me is AMAZEBALLS (yes...I went there again....).

We plan on starting the FUN TIME of year festivities by going Apple Picking this weekend.  Let's just talk about HOW excited I am about this.   Sweet Pea is grabbing EVERYTHING now and I can not wait to see her grabbing for some apples (that I totally plan on using to make some yummy apple recipes...another thing I LOVE!!).

I am just so insanely in love with my daughter and can not wait to see this time of year through her eyes!!!



Sarah said...

Sounds like exciting things are coming up for you!