Today's PSA: Baby Socks

Baby socks......public enemy number 1!

Who knew? 

Oh these cute darling little pieces of clothing love to play games.  

First of all, I have found that I have YET to lose one in the laundry.  Apparently the little troll that I have living in my washing machine or dryer doesn't love to eat baby socks.  No, they much rather prefer adult socks....

However, it doesn't matter much if I have both of them when I put them on Sweet Pea because in a matter of what seems like nanoseconds....one of them is gone. 

Seriously?!?  Where the hell do they go?!?!?

I feel like every single time I "notice" her feet.....one or BOTH of her socks are missing.  I then spend time searching for said socks.....always find them in TWO different places....place them back on her feet...only to play the game again VERY shortly! 

The socks are playing hide and seek with me. 

Oh and my darling Sweet Pea is so happy to help those socks be the pain in the ass that they are..... She kicks and kicks and kicks.  Part of me thinks she is getting ready to audition for the Rockette's.....or Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance....."His legs flail around as if independent from his body" (Here's another one of those things that if you understand, we are soulmates!)

I would normally just leave them off.....seems simple enough to do right?  However, I have this voice in my head, or little woman on my shoulder telling me that she should have socks on so her feet don't get cold......come to think of it....that voice sounds a lot like my mom....

SO the thing is ...when I notice the socks are gone...I immediately grab her feet to check and make sure she isn't near hypothermia (yes in the summer). 

Lately, I have taken to pulling her socks up all the way to her knees. My daughter looks all gangster with her shorts and socks up to her knees.  (EAST-SIIIIIIDDDDEEE)  This just prolongs the inevitable.  The socks WILL fall off and I WILL lose them. 

Honestly, in the sock commercial where the dad is dunking his son's feet in the glue to make the socks....I think he has the right idea.  He must have been fed up with years of losing baby socks....I get it man.....I get it!

And don't you think for one second that I even CONSIDERED taping them up....cause I didn't!  No way....not me!  What lunatic would think of taping up their baby's socks??!! *whistles and turns my head around as if to look at everyone else to blame ...but me*

So please attention baby socks companies of the world, let's work together and FIX THIS!   I know tape isn't an option...but velcro perhaps? I don't know...I'm just saying there would be a lot of happier mommies (and grandmommies) if there was SOME way in the name of all that is holy that these socks can stay on our babies little Fred Flintstone feet!

Thank you and Good Night!