Sweet Pea...the Inchworm

Sweet Pea has become mobile....well sort of....

She isn't crawling yet per say!   She can't quite figure out that she has to prop herself up to do that!!! Oh but my baby is moving...

She reminds me of this:

Yes that is an inchworm.  My daughter has figured out how to move by doing the worm....

She pushes her bottom up into the air and then pushes off on her feet to propel her forward.  The movements aren't huge yet.  It takes quite a few tries to actually move off her play mat.  But she CAN get OFF the play mat...which honestly scares the hell out of me..she is one step closer to crawling for real and then walking and then running and I have this little tiny fear that once she starts running she will just run to the door after she has packed up all her cute dresses and hair bows and she will say "see you both later FOOLS".  I mean that's totally irrational right? RIGHT?

*deep breath* anyway....what was I saying??!?!

Oh yes...She does the inchworm........................and it's totally friggen cute!!!