Sleep Pea

When it came time to decide what Sweet Pea would sleep in the first couple of months, I was on the fence.  I wanted her to be in the room with us.  Everyone I have ever known had a bassinet...so I set out to find a bassinet....one that would be perfect for my princess. 

What I came across was BLAH, BLECH, AND EW!

I DID find one that I really liked....only to go to Babies R Us and see and touch it.  Yea ya know that song "Rock A Bye Baby" ...I'm pretty sure that unstable cradle in the bough that breaks...that was this...


I needed something PERFECT.  It came to me in the form of a co-sleeper......

 A Cosleeper fit for a princess..... PURE PERFECTION!

Being that our bed is 872,979 feet off the ground, it would never attach and I would never get to "co-sleep" per-say but it made a beautiful little bassinet! 

I truly from the bottom of my unpaid from the company heart LOVE this thing!!!  (Arm's Reach in case you are wondering).

I loved being able to just look over and see her and she has loved opening her eyes and being able to see us.  It's truly a marriage made in mommy heaven. 

And then my sweet baby Sweet Pea had to go and start growing (GRRRR!!!!).  So someone might have mentioned to me once or twice that she was getting to big for it but I mean she really wasn't.   There was still PLENTY of room left.  Her bedroom is on the top floor and its hot as Scottsdale in July up there so she HAD to stay in our room.  Each time someone asked me when she was going to move, I pushed the date back. 


I mean honestly, she could sleep in there until like 1 or 2 right?!!!?  RIGHT?!?!?  I was CONVINCED!!!

Last night, she woke up a numerous amount of times...and in one of my sleep deprived stumbles to her perfect co-sleeper.   I noticed something.  I saw this.....

Buddy The Elf ...What's Your Favorite Color??!

My denial was staring me in the face....Sweet Pea has become the Buddy the Elf of this co-sleeper.....

It's time to move to the crib!!

-Insert MAJOR sad face-

I carried my gorgeous little Buddy the Elf upstairs and laid her in her crib to just TEST it out.  She excitedly looked around and instantly fell in love with her mobile....which if she continues loving I will only have to crank on every THIRTY SECONDS!!!!!! 

And I stepped back, and looked at her as my heart swelled.  I'm not ready for her to grow up and get big....but then I saw this.....


In this huge grown up baby crib, laid my little pea!  In her crib, she looks so tiny.....so small.....

The big move will be over the next week......We have to ease her into this.  She will probably cry a lot.  She might even throw a fit.

(I am totally that "she")

So my delusions started over and I now think she can stay in her crib until at least like 13 or 14 right?!?!?



Sarah said...

Hilarious! My M started sleeping in her crib at around 5 mo and I too was in denial! Ha!! She was so teeny in the crib! Now, at 11 mo, she moves around so much that she NEEDS the room. We brought her crib into our room where she still is. Hubs doesn't want her to be away from us yet. ;)