An 80's Dream Come True!!!!

I am an 80's child.  Loved the neon colors.....loved the fashions....loved the music.

REALLY loved the music. 

When I was really little....I adored Cyndi Lauper.  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and all that!

Then as I got a little older, I kinda sorta became obsessed.  I was ALL about New Kids on the Block and Debbie Gibson. 

I was ALMOST positive I was going to marry first, Jonathan Knight (probably worked out for me choosing another New Kid to obsess over....being that Jonathan plays for the other team....which I just found out last night so I am obviously living under a rock!!!!) ...then Joey McIntyre!  And in my pillow case wearing days as a "bride", Debbie Gibson was so going to be my best friend.

It was going to happen.  I mean I was from Staten Island and she was from Long Island. We were both from NEW YORK! I remember being on Long Island driving to my Aunts and SEARCHING for her!  

Debbie Gibson....Madison Square Garden.....My first concert. 

As time passed, my dreams turned to real boys and real friends....and I soon I started listening to early 90's rap and my obsession....like my taste in music.....was obviously gone!  (Oh who am I kidding?!?!  90's rap....AWESOME!!!)

I played the nostalgia card with NKOTB when they toured a few years ago.  I went to the concert....did the "New Kids" dance (and strangely started obsessing over DANNY! WHO REALLY TURNED OUT TO BE THE HOT ONE!!).

And then in April, I saw it....DEBBIE GIBSON AND TIFFANY TOURING?!?!?!?

OMG!!!!!! YES!!!!  PLEASE!!!!!

This brought a whole new level of excitement.   This wasn't just some silly crush I had as a child.  I ADMIRED her...I wanted to be her.....She was supposed to be my best friend! 

Very Very Excited!!!

So the concert was last night...and here is the things I learned as an adult:

1- Some people so obviously still have their bedrooms wallpapered with their Tiger Beat posters.

2- Yes the 80's fashions are coming back....doesn't mean that you can still pull them off!!!!

3- No matter how "in fashion" the 80's are right now...it still looks ridiculous. 

4- EVERYONE at the concert was on their phones...updating their facebook.....like seriously...EVERYONE!

5-The whole group of "Table 9" was at the concert last night (if you get that, I friggen love you!!!!!!!SOUL MATES!!!)

6- Both Debbie Gibson and Tiffany need to fire their stylists and hire me....I would have NEVER let them walk out in some of the things they walked out in!

7- Debbie Gibson is the new "Skinny Bitch" ...move over Bethenny!  Seriously since I saw her in 88 or 89...I think she has eaten one sandwich....ONLY JUST ONE SANDWICH! 

8- Tiffany, I appreciate your attempt at staying current...but please stick to 80's music.  The audience was telling you something when no one was paying attention to you singing your country songs. 

9- I will now be in 20 years of therapy seeing how skinny Debbie Gibson is!  WAY TO MAKE ME FEEL OLD AND BAD ABOUT MYSELF!

10-I have an AMAZING memory when it comes to music.  I still know every song by heart <3

11-My life has come full circle.....I went from dancing when I was 8 and  9 to these songs that I loved...so excited to grow up and get "lost in someone's eyes" to dancing to the SAME songs at 31 years old, as a gift from MY DAUGHTER for Mother's Day...having my heart and soul waiting for me at home.  

The concert was perfect!  I got to be that little girl again.......

But the best part of the night was coming home and realizing that every thing I dreamed about as a little girl was upstairs waiting for me <3