SLEEPING SWEET PEA!!!!!! (this is Caps and exclamation points exciting)

For the past few nights, Sweet Pea has slept OVER 8 HOURS!  Now this might not be a big deal to some of you (in particular my friend whose daughter sleeps about 22 of the 24 hours in a day....love you LV). However, here in this house, THIS IS HUGE! 

I almost feel like I won the lottery....or an award of some type......

She likes me ....She really likes me!!!! Oh gosh, I don't even know where to start....

First and foremost, I would like to thank God and Jesus for inventing the Catholic religion, making my parents be a part of it, and teaching me (almost obsessively) that my daughter needs to be christened. *takes two fingers, kisses my lips, puts them up in the air as I look and point at the ceiling...I do this repeatedly...because let's face it...it's the cool thing to do while receiving an award and giving a speech*

I would like to thank the barrage of  people that have come to visit my daughter all at once and have argued over holding her, keeping her awake from her much needed naps.

I would also like to thank my little nephew who is a ball of energy that my daughter has been watching intently....this is obviously tiring her out!

I would like to thank the priest who dumped holy water all over her face by accident, scaring her from ever enjoying future baths.

I would also like to thank that same priest for putting so much holy oil in her hair that I can't seem to wash out.  She smells like a funeral home and looks like she belongs with the Thunderbirds in the movie Grease.

Obviously both of these things are making her sleep better.  

Out of all the three people that have watched her overnight (in the next room over because I'm crazy obsessive), I'm honored and touched she chose ME to sleep through the night for.  This was such a talented group....

And lastly I would like to thank you my friends for showing me the jealously of a sleeping-through-the-night baby...for which I am able to appreciate this and to humbly accept this award!

Thank y- AND SHE'S UP!