I Had A Mommy Brain Moment

The lack of sleep is getting to me.....

......or maybe I was born an honorary "blonde".  

I've done some silly things in my life.  For the most part, I'm a smart cookie.  I even have a Master's degree.  I can hold my own in a conversation.  I have my own opinions (and as many can attest to...I am not afraid to use them).

But I have these moments....these moments of pure "Why the hell did I just do that?".....

It was easy to blame on pregnancy brain before....now I will have to blame it on mommy brain...

So you want to know what I did huh?  


I was washing my face before bed last night.  Used my favorite facial cleaner.  Rinse...pat dry.  I then grabbed my astringent, because let's face it, this baby has not been kind to my skin.  I put it on a cotton ball and began applying it to my face as I thought of the bajillion things I need to get done. 

After I rubbed it on 75% of my face, I began to realize it was burning more than normal....then I realized the smell!! OH THAT SMELL

My dear friends...I was not using astringent on my face....I was using NAIL POLISH REMOVER!!!!!!

I grabbed a cloth and started scrubbing!  I rewashed my face TWICE.  There was no way around it.  My skin was RED!  I kept a cool cloth on my skin til the burning stopped....all the while shaking my head in disbelief.

You better BELIEVE, I thanked God that this didn't happen the morning of the christening!

In my defense, they are the same color and they were right next to each other.  That's what I get for cleaning up my bathroom counter and putting all the things I use frequently in one basket. 

I prepared myself for the abomination that might have been my face this morning...but luckily, nothing...and that pimple on my forehead is even gone now  (do not try this at home folks!!!)

Moral of the story: Do not go tired! But  if you have to go tired... do not keep nail polish remover and astringent in the same place!!