Sweet Pea- The Birth Edition Part Three

Ok so we left off where I had my "bumpy car ride" C-section...puked in my hair....shakes in recovery and FINALLY held Sweet Pea. 

Moving on......

We had a three day stay booked at the hotel...I mean hospital!  This place is BEAUTIFUL!  Each room is private and had a place for my husband to sleep each night.  The wonderful man he is stayed by my side the entire time (I'm sure the fact that I threatened his life if he left me didn't sway his decision AT ALL).  I was so tired the first night.  I don't remember much except holding my baby, the fact that Casey SHOULD have been kicked off American Idol and they used the save...on him, and they finally FINALLY let me have ice chips which instantly became my new favorite food after not eating or drinking ANYTHING for over 24 hours.

Sweet Pea wasn't nursing right away...we tried a couple of times that night...no go.  I was devastated but her health came first so I told them to give her some formula.  YES I told THEM to give her formula (P.S. if you are one of those preaching breastfeeding woman...I don't need to hear your comments...I know what's right for MY child...YOU don't! Thank you..come again!).  People were in and out of my room ALL night checking my temp, blood pressure, the baby etc.

I was to stay in the bed for 24 hours so I had a catheter in.  Let's discuss this shall we...I LOVED having the catheter!!!! After having to pee SO much ALL the time, I found it refreshing to not have to get up to pee for 24 hours!!! LOVE!  The catheter was my friend..until they tried to take it out...I'll get to that in a minute! 

Next morning, we tried breastfeeding again and she latched RIGHT AWAY.  I was pretty stoked (if only I knew the heartache I would deal with over the next few weeks due to low supply).  Our family was finally able to come and see the baby.  I was still bedridden and threatened the life of anyone who took a picture of me with the puke hair and ear!  Visiting hours were from 12-8 (yes that's a LONG time). 

Infertility had sent my modesty right out the window prior to having a baby.  You don't get to have doctors in your candy land at 6 in the morning and be ashamed about it.  However, if infertility hadn't done it...breastfeeding would have.  People just WALK into your room while your baby's dinner is hanging out.  We tried the covers the first few times.  I felt like they were smothering her!  Plus I wanted to see her gorgeous face...so it seemed whenever someone new came into the room...my udder was hanging out!  Oh well...what are you gonna do.....Sigh!

I was finally allowed up after what seemed like forever and was escorted into the bathroom by three nurses...GOOD THING...because I almost went down like a TON of bricks.  All of a sudden I heard a buzzing in my ear and my eyes started to lose sight as my knees started to buckle.  Next thing I know I have smelling salt shoved up my nose.  That stuff is NO joke.  I think I lost some brain cells from that.  Nurse said my blood pressure or something crashed from the surgery.  I was escorted back to bed. 

I was trying to be what I felt was a good mom....I was turning down the pain meds unless I needed them.  This all came to a point after I was forced to get out of bed and had a soap opera type meltdown from the pain.  Suddenly my fabulous C-section wasn't so fabulous anymore.  Lesson learned!!!! Oh and the catheter...the nurse SWORE to me it wouldn't hurt.  I. SAW. STARS!  I heard she didn't inflate the balloon all the way or something.  If I had the strength I would have kicked her in the teeth! 

The last time I had eaten was 8 pm Wednesday night.  I was allowed liquids late Thursday and was kept on liquids until Saturday afternoon....um....WTF?!?!?  We had to call and ask why I was being kept away from food!  The response "Oops..it was an oversight".  Gee Thanks! 

The WORST part of the recovery was the gas pains.  I couldn't even walk and of course that's what they tell you to do.  I tried to take a walk with my mom...who made me laugh and then I cried the whole way back to my room.  AWFUL.  SERIOUSLY  AWFUL! 
We were released on Sunday morning.  I was NOT ready to go home.   It sucked!  Thank god my family was here to help with the baby!  

I feel like I am forgetting to tell you all so much!  

Oh my genius daughter lifted her head up off of my shoulder at the age of 10 hours old.  Yep!  It must have been ALL that milk I drank during the pregnancy!  Milk DOES a baby good!  

Ok so that's where I will leave my birth story.  I am sure there will be many addenda.  I know you are all excited......
........try to sleep tonight though ok? =)