I Have Entered the Olympics

There was no training.

There was no way you could possibly train for this.

I'm not sure lifting weights prior to getting pregnant would have even helped.

What am I talking about you wonder? Trying to feed Sweet Pea!

This has become an exhausting and grueling Olympic style event.

My baby girl has started to see the world around her....not just see it but want to know ALL about it.  I marvel at her interest in the simplest things; watching the fan go around, staring at the shadows on the wall, adoring the clouds as the drift by in the sky.   She is learning and experiencing new things EVERY single day.  I love when something as simple as watching the trees blow in the wind excites her.  I want to show her the world....

......just not during feeding time.

This new found interest in all the world has to offer has made feeding her a bottle really hard!  Who am I kidding?!? It's damn near impossible at times. 

I like to think of it like something as simple as the bobsled.  Everyone gets on board, you start off slow and gain speed as you continue on the course.  This is our feeding time.  Each time one of us settles in to feed our darling baby girl she always starts by taking the bottle and staring at our faces.  This is the start of needing to wear a bib...not for her...for us.  She likes to eat in a sort of snuggling position.  When she stares at your face and you make eye contact, she smiles and as that smile spreads across her face, the formula runs out of her mouth down my shirt. I would take a thousand stains a day and ruin a thousand shirts for a lifetime of those moments.

Next she starts to get bored and her eyes start to wander....followed by her head simply turning from side to side.  This is still the easy part....something hasn't caught her attention yet.  That special something that just fascinates her is ALWAYS somewhere not easy to see...so she starts to twist into a pretzel to see it.

This is where the fun begins.

Adjusting her does nothing because she will very quickly lose interest and start to span the room for something new to engage all the while trying to keep eating.   She EXPECTS to keep eating.  As her head turns to each side faster and faster, the sweat begins to form on me.

At the height of our sport, it would probably resemble the exorcist meets Jackson Pollack. Her head  and eyes are moving back and forth so fast that formula is flying everywhere because lets face it ...I CAN NEVER KEEP UP.  My shirt and the furniture turn into Gerber style works of art. 

And when that bottle falls out....OH THE SCREAMS.  Those high pitched wails could wake the dead.....

But alas as our sport comes to a close, she starts to get tired and snuggles back in for some cuddles and possibly a nap.....

My sweet angel ...looking like this....

This is not actually Sweet Pea.....

And her dear mama looking like this

I can't wait until our next sport......eating foods...or the ever popular ..trying to change a crawling baby!