Happy First Father's Day To My Baby Daddy

It is Father's Day.

My husband's first Father's day.

My father's first Father's day with a granddaughter.  He already has an amazingly adorable Grandson from my sister. 

My father in law's first Father's Day as a Grandpa!

I am actually a little surprised that I am way more emotional today than I was on Mother's Day. 

I might even admit to you that I burst into tears running to the store, listening to the song Africa by Toto (Random!!!!!) thinking about our family.   OUR family....OUR FAMILY!  I friggen love it!

There were several moments today where the tears just came.....

This morning, laying in bed with my husband and our sweet pea in between us cuddling.  She reached out and grabbed his finger with her whole hand.....WA-TER-WORKS!

We sat outside and I was watching my baby take in the world.  I looked at him, gazing at her and thought my heart was going to burst <3

Today has been an incredible, unbelievable milestone in our relationship! We worked hard to celebrate this day!  Every year, while I would fall apart on Mother's Day, he would keep it together on Father's Day, remaining stoic.  The struggle hurt us both to the core and each Father's day, I admired his courage.  He would always brush it off...but the truth was...we wanted a family and we didn't have one...and it sucked!

So to my AMAZING husband, I am thrilled to say HAPPY FIRST FATHER'S DAY!!

I love you!!

           I love us!!!!

                       I love our daughter!!!!!

                                    I love our family!!!