Sweet Pea's First Outing

Yesterday was my very first Mother's Day!  I had an amazing day with my new little family.  We decided to take Sweet Pea on her first outing and bring her to a place that mommy holds dear to her heart....a mall!

We loaded up a bajillion things.  I think I had like three extra outfits just in case.  The "in case" being a diaper blowout, or puke, or a diaper blowout AND puke.  I had three bottles packed, because you never know, we could have a flat tire and be stuck somewhere for hours and then what.  Along with the 15 diapers, two packages of wipes, 3 burp cloths and bibs...my diaper bag weighed like 50 lbs.....seriously...I would have gotten charged extra by the airline. 

We got to the mall.  My excitement was at an all time high.  Not since before my pregnancy have I truly enjoyed shopping.  This time I was shopping for her...my daughter...and I knew exactly what would look cute on her and exactly what sizes I needed to buy.  We loaded up the stroller and I grabbed my cement filled diaper bag and realized there was NO PLACE for it.  It didn't fit ANYWHERE on the carriage because of its size so I ended up grabbing a few essentials and leaving it in the car (I figured if she needed clothes, this would be a GREAT excuse to buy new ones). 

I was so excited to shop...but then I realized as I pushed my gorgeous stroller, I was more excited to be pushing the stroller through the mall.  How amazing is this?!? Shopping with my baby (who was sleeping)...perfection. 

Then I noticed something amazing.....

It started at the front doors and continued throughout most of the stores, into the mall.  People were SMILING at me.  THIS. IS. HUGE.  I'm sure I had that new mom glow that every new mom gets when she gets to the mall with her sleeping baby and her husband who HAS to shop with her because it is Mother's Day and he can't complain because all she really wanted that morning was to sleep in and it didn't happen so he bought her flowers and tried to make her happy all day.  Even with my glow, I tend to be told that when I am not smiling I look mean.  Bitch mean.  Does this bother me?  Not in the LEAST bit.  Although it does lend itself to a lot of "what's wrong?" questions.

So even with my glowing bitch face...people were smiling.  

They weren't pushing into me.....they weren't ignoring me.  Many of them even said "Happy Mother's Day" (along with gushing over how truly beautiful Sweet Pea is.....cause she really is....I mean REALLY IS!)

My faith is restored in the world.

I wonder how long until Sweet Pea starts throwing tantrums, my glow turns into sweat from the tantrum, and people start giving me NASTY looks?!?!  Mama bear bitch face activated =)