Sweet Pea: The Birth Edition Part 1

To say I was nervous is an understatement...

Yes I had a complete panic attack at 4 in the morning.

I had to keep telling myself that Sweet Pea couldn't stay in my tummy.  Although it sounded good to me, it wasn't logical.  I could barely carry her at the "10 lbs 6 oz" she was estimated to be.....could you imagine how big she would be graduating college.  No, I had to do this.  There were two ways out.  This one was the most logical given the circumstances. 

My C-section was scheduled for 2:30 on 3/24/11.

We had to be at the hospital by noon.  We packed up our stuff...you know the bag, pillows, all of our family, and headed to the hospital.

You might be a little puzzled as to why we brought all of our family. 

I like to refer to it as "My Big Fat Italian Labor" to have my big fat Italian baby!  Coming to theaters soon!

Anyway....my hubby and I headed into labor and delivery and our families headed into the waiting room (oh to have been a fly on the wall in there).

We were taken back to the prep and recovery section for the c-section.  I was given a gown and a whole bunch of paperwork. I was hooked up to fluids and monitors. I kept telling the nurse how nervous I was.  Nurse one was amazing!! She was keeping me calm, answering my questions.

Then .....she was needed to assist a C-section of twins.......She was replaced with this:

Magda from There's Something About Mary

I instantly missed the other nurse. 

It wouldn't be that bad.  It was already 12:30...I only had two hours til surgery.

Nurse Magda then informed me they were running behind....The twins mom needed to go first so I got bumped back an hour or so.....

Ok...an hour...not bad...not bad...

That hour came and went and then Nurse Magda came back "We had an emergency.  We had to move you back again.  I am NOT going to be the one to call your doctor and tell him you got pushed back again".

Pushed back....AGAIN?!?!  This wouldn't have been THAT bad.....

....if the contractions didn't start.

And these weren't nice little contractions...these were BACK contractions....and they were about five minutes apart....

To say that hour was agony is an understatement....a HUGE one! 

I mean seriously...I thought the whole "plus" to having a c-section was NO LABOR.  Figures Sweet Pea would give me some...just figures. 

Finally they wheel out the "emergency"....I was on deck. Dr was called.  Nurse Magda said they were going to rush me in before another "emergency" came!! 

The anesthesiologist (phew that's a long word..he will be Dr. Long Ass Needle instead) came in and I burdened him down with all my fears. He explained the procedure...I continued to crap my pants (no not literally) and he left.  My OB came next.  I have never been so happy.  He has such a calming quality to him...he was exactly what I needed. 

I keep hearing the "I made you wait" emergency lady making noises from pain.  I'll be honest ...didn't help!  I hear her asking for more stronger drugs and I am ready to JUST. DIE! 

It was finally my turn.  I was wheeled into the room and I was instantly freezing.  Um folks..I'm about to be naked up in here...thanks for the frostbite.  I spent all day panicking about the epidural. Like serious serious fear.  The funny part was my back labor was so bad...I WANTED THE EPIDURAL.  Yes you read that right.  I wanted the HUGE needle stuck into my back. 

Dr. Long Ass Needle was awesome.  Talked me through every step!  It really only felt like a bee sting....and then instant happiness...the back labor was gone.  I was ready to meet my daughter!

The happiness was short lived because I started to throw up....that sweet Dr. Long Ass Needle sat by my head and held the little kidney shaped bowl as I threw up stuff I ate for dinner last Christmas. 

Another nurse came into the room and started to talk about the "I made you wait and have miserable back pain" emergency lady. She wanted MORE drugs.  He then had to get up and leave my side.  He tried to prop the kidney bowl up but it slipped and I wasn't done...and there it went...all down the side of my face....into my hair and ear...LOVELY.

Listen you stupid wench....I waited for this...this was MY TIME...All I kept thinking about was Joan Cusack from Nine Months


Dr. Long Ass Needle came back....curtain was up....dr's in place.....it's showtime!

(Part two tomorrow)