Thanksgiving day!

My OB sent me for a growth scan ultrasound to check on Sweet Pea.  When we had her weight checked at 35 weeks, she was measuring on the large size.....6lbs 15 oz. 

On Monday at my 38 week check up, he decided to send me for another one to see what we were dealing with.  Babies are expected to gain about a half a lb a week so I think we were figuring somewhere in the 8's. 

Today was that ultrasound.  The ultrasound tech said with a look of puzzlement on her face "The baby is measuring a little large". 

Here I am expecting high 8's or low 9's. 

"10 lbs 6 oz" she said

My knees almost buckled.  It seriously took my breath away. WHAT?!?!?

The dr had explained to me that there is a lb margin of error EITHER WAY.  So she could be in the 9's but she could be close to 11!!!!

I couldn't process this....I only gained 17 lbs the whole pregnancy!!!  

I called my OB's office immediately!  The nurse was SHOCKED....just like the rest of us!

I was told the dr would review the report and call me back.

After a two hour wait, the phone rang:

"Hey Jennifer, it's Dr. Hawaiian Tropics.  Oh! My! Goodness!!!!!"

"I know.....I am having a turkey apparently...not a baby"

"Well let's make tomorrow Thanksgiving then".

And just like that we had a plan and it was perfect <3