My Dearest Sweet Pea

This has been a long journey.  

For the past four years, all I have known out of life was how much I wanted you....how my life felt empty without you.....how I knew I was destined to be your mom! Daddy and I lived our days enjoying our life together but yearning for you to be a part of it. We worked together with many doctors, had many early mornings, we did everything we could.  All the heartache that we felt now makes sense....for if ANY other cycle worked...we wouldn't have you sweet baby girl.

 My heart can not wait to know what life is like with you in it!

The past 39 weeks with you in my belly have been amazing.  These past few weeks will be something I never forget.  I will always cherish laying in bed in the middle of the night, rubbing my stomach with daddy sleeping next to me.  This was our time.  I would rub where I knew your butt was and you would put your little butt up in the air.  I loved every minute of it!
I have dreamed of laying my eyes on you for the very first time.  I have dreamed of holding you in my arms and seeing daddy do the same. I know the moment I see you, the world will be different.  The moment I hold you, my heart will grow a billion sizes and the moment I see daddy holding you, my life will be complete.  

I have never loved two people more in my life. 

I listened to a Celine Dion song over and over the last few months......and this quote is so true:

And the world thought I had it all.....but I was waiting for you......

Tomorrow you change my life.....tomorrow you make me a better person.....tomorrow I become the person I always wanted to be....your mom.

I love you sweetheart!!!!

With a million kisses, 
Your Mommy