Sweet Pea...The Science Experiment

We are all fully aware that making a baby involves biology.....a topic in school I was never good at (really ALL science). 

Sometimes I would fail biology tests in school...and in turn, in the school of life,  biology failed me......

Our journey to Sweet Pea can easily be described as a four year long science experiment. 

We all know the steps of the scientific method.....

Problem- I can't get pregnant

Hypothesis- I think it's due to my PCOS

Materials- Loads of blood work, the pitiful HSG dye test, many many early morning monitoring appts with ultrasounds, Clomid, shots, ovulation kits, pregnancy tests, tons of tears and heartache, and all the materials needed for six IUI's.

Procedures- The fun starts on cycle day 1 with the arrival of the Queen of Broken Hearts...and the hits just keep coming from there.  Do this....Do that....Don't do this...Don't do that....pretty much the cycle was hurry up and wait....hoping for a "yes"...devastated when you heard "no". 

Results- Many many tears cried over failed cycles....and then many many tears cried over the one that worked!

Conclusion: There is something to this "trial and error" thing. 

Ok so you get the point......Sweet Pea was a very very long science experiment! 

There aren't enough words to express the joy of conquering the experiment......I finally made biology my bitch =)

Then I realized this morning, I am embarking on a whole different type of experiment now......motherhood. 

The realization (and panic) set in this morning when I had a mini freak-out about the fact that I don't know how to do baby laundry.  WHY WASN'T THIS TAUGHT IN HOME EC?!?!?  Do I wash EVERYTHING??!?!?  What cycle do I use?  Can I dry it all? 

It was all so much more complex than the bottle of Dreft I purchased!  I was probably over thinking everything....but I am so worried to make a mistake.  I worked too hard at this to not be perfect at it and while I do expect a few mommy fail moments....the thought of them coming at the risk of my daughter made me feel ill. 

Luckily, I have some amazing people to ask my silly questions too and they helped me!  But I realized, I am going to be full of silly questions......

Sweet Pea will become another experiment.  The "first child science experiment". 

Wish us luck =)