I have always heard about this crazy cleaning energy a woman gets prior to having a baby called nesting. I always pictured it as like the Mama bird prepping for her babies by building a nest. I might be right...I might be wrong...be really, who cares?

A serious lack of energy through out most of this pregnancy had me yearning for these days. The days where I wake up wide awake in the middle of the night and just HAVE to clean out the closet I have been avoiding. I might be sick...but I couldn't wait.

And then after all that waiting...the time arrived...yesterday...

There was no major closet organization. There was no big huge grand rush of energy.

I took a toothbrush.....to my stove.

Yep! You read that right. I looked at the stove and it annoyed me! I was pissed at the site of it. I HAD TO GET THE DIRT OUT OF THE CRACKS. I stood scrubbing with a paper towel over and over....it didn't work. And then I remembered that huge bag of Halloween toothbrushes we had....and seriously...it was like I hit the lotto. There I was sitting in a chair in front of my stove with the 409 and my bright orange toothbrush, scrubbing and wiping and scrubbing and wiping.

My stove was the cleanest it will ever be....

And I needed a serious nap.....

So I slept three hours....jealous?!?!

I still have about 8 weeks to go....so I am sure this is the beginning of my nesting. Maybe I will have that grand burst of energy one of these days. Maybe my closet will get organized after all....

One can only hope!