The Hair Affair!

As many of you know, I am an out of work teacher.  The job economy for teachers sucks here in NJ!  After we moved here, I spent a YEAR trying to find a job and only got called for two interviews!!!!!  I finally had to take something in my field so I took a part time tutoring job (which I hated).  After our big scare in August, it was an easy decision for us to let the part time job go (which basically brought in NO MONEY anyway).  Along with letting my job go, I let my pedicures and manicures go too.....I also knew getting my hair done often would be a big expense....so I sacrificed! 

After my four year journey with infertility, it was finally time for MY baby shower this past weekend.  I decided, after a huge internal debate, to go and get my hair done that morning.  Nothing crazy, just a trim and a style.  After all I stress I dealt with over the last four years, I think it was well deserved. 

Here's the thing with my hair.......I HAVE A LOT OF IT!  Not only is there A LOT of it ....it is THICK AND CURLY! 

Here is a picture of my hair

I often find myself struggling to find a hairstylist with curly hair experience.  The worst is when I go for a haircut with someone who doesn't understand my hair.  Once I told the lady I wanted my hair to my shoulders....well she cut my hair to there and DIDN'T account for the curls......NIGHTMARE......

I decided to go to the place I went to the last time I got my hair done.  I had it colored, cut and blown out for about 110 dollars.  I THOUGHT THAT PRICE WAS FABULOUS.  What normally happens to me is once I ask for a blowout, the price SKYROCKETS!!!! 

So I made my appointment, decided against the blowout, I wanted to wear my hair curly.....just styled better. 

I even went prepared with pictures...I wanted this:
I walked out with this:

Livid wasn't even the right word!!!!!

Here's the thing....when I called to make the appt I MADE SURE I said "Are you sure an hour is enough for a trim and a curl on long thick curly hair?"  I was reassured by the OWNER that it was.  Ok!

The poodle look took over 2 HOURS!!!!!!

I showed her the picture.....I explained I just wanted tighter curls WITHOUT the frizz. 

She asked about parting my hair ...I told her I don't want the Mcdonald's arch's on my head...she decided to zig zag the part....I was ok with that.....I mean after all we are in jersey...there had to be SOME type of volume right?!?!?

I should have worried when she pulled out a SMALL curling iron and started on my hair.  If I was doing it, I would have used a BIG iron and supplemented with smaller curls later. 

I also should have worried when she used NO PRODUCT after the curls.  I have had my hair curled before...they have always sprayed EACH CURL because of my frizz!!!

After sitting for over two hours.....VERY PREGNANT, she spun me around and the words that came out of my mouth were "You are fixing this right?  I look like a poodle".  My hair was flat as all hell on top and then curls....curls that already started to frizz.  She said "That is why I wanted to part it on the side"   YOU NEVER SAID THAT!!!!!

I asked about product .....I was told "It will weigh your hair down".....um what?!?!? 

She started to try to fix it by putting tighter curls in the top.....I feared this was my inevitability:

at which point I said "Just stop....I am out of time ....My shower starts in less than an hour..I am going to miss it!  I will play with it when I got home". 

Enter the bitchy attitude from the lady.......

Enter the really bitchy attitude from the preggo. 

I tipped her what I thought she deserved .......which I figured would have been about 15- 18% of what they were going to charge me ...

Imagine my surprise when I got to the front and he said "$110".  I almost fell over....I HAD A TRIM AND A STYLE!!!!! He was the reason she didn't have enough time.  As much as I wanted to punch him square dead in the teeth...I paid it with a grimace and left PISSED OFF!!! 

I had just enough time to run home, change and put as much product as I could in my hair to try to save it.  I took a cue from Willow Smith and whipped my hair back and forth....came out with what I thought was presentable and ran to my baby shower....fifteen minutes late...still fuming. 

I could have done a better job myself....and saved the money.....That's what I think pissed me off the most!

And then after I just couldn't take the frizz anymore.....I did this:
and enjoyed the rest of my much anticipated party =)