Adventures in Shaving

If anyone asked me an hour ago what I thought was the worst part of pregnancy so far...I would have said the morning sickness, or the intense pelvic/ leg/ hip pains that I have been having.  I might have even said it was the worrying I have had. 

I now know the worst hell.....it's called third trimester shaving.....not just ALL third trimester shaving......the last couple of weeks third trimester shaving. 

This seems almost comical to me because THIS is the time when you need to be shaven the most.  Weekly dr's exams and then of course birth..... God must have had a good laugh when he said "I'm gonna make their hair grow like crazy....I'll make their belly hard as a rock....and THEN I'll make the baby come...."  You just so know God is a man!

I have my first weekly appointment tomorrow in which my dr will perform his "Groundhog's Day" exam (as my husband so cleverly calls it).

We all know that the groundhog comes out once a year and predicts when Spring will arrive based on if he sees his shadow or not.  Tomorrow my dr will predict when Sweet Pea should be joining us.  Of course, we realize this is a total guess...He could tell me it's gonna be awhile and then I go into labor the next day. Or on the other hand, I could already be dilated and stay that way until my due date.  However, it's fun....I'm anxious to hear what he says. 

So obviously I am getting an exam tomorrow which means it was time to break out the razor and shaving cream to scrape the Yeti away.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to reach all of my leg and that I would possibly need help.  I had help on standby (THAT is the definition of LOVE!).  However, five minutes into this adventure I had a squirmy Sweet Pea, a ACHING back and a waterfall of tears on the brink of spilling! 

This is when I got crafty......and got the job done to the best of my ability (and I HONESTLY don't care!!!). 

There might have been the use of an upside down garbage can.

I might have used a folding chair.

There was definitely an abundance of towels everywhere.

Things flowed ......and my tag team partner was on standby.....

However, being tagged in resulted in the use of band-aids....

So I reserved the right to use that for emergencies! 

I am ready for my Groundhog's appointment tomorrow.....(even though I might have zebra type stripes on some parts of my legs...That's ok....I ROCK the look!).