We Have A Crib!

There is a crib.                                   In my house.                                         For MY BABY!  

I honestly don't know if I should jump up and down on the bed screaming for joy, sit down and cry from happiness, or throw up from nerves because we are in the home stretch.....

I do know that I will NOT like to do all three at once....jumping up and down on my bed while crying and vomiting doesn't sound like much of a good idea.

So I decided to blog instead......

Standing back and taking a look at this beautiful crib.....the one I have had my eyes on for what seems like forever, was enough to take my breath away.  (a quick side note....sweet pea might have also been the cause of my breath being taken away....they aren't kidding when they say sometimes it's hard to get a good breath!!).

I see her nursery coming together....slowly before my eyes and my heart and head are trying to catch up with what that all means.  It seems overwhelming because it still feels unreal at so many times.

My heart and head can take however long it needs to process all of this information....because it's moments like these when I want to make sure I NEVER FORGET ANYTHING!