Catching Up!

Hey everyone!  I am so sorry it has been awhile since I last posted!  I kept telling myself I just HAD to get on here and post something.  It wasn't fair to my stalker...visiting my site almost every day and not having anything new to read...Such injustice!  If you are that interested in my life...I should at least provide you with new stuff to read right?

First, I want to announce my giveaway winner!!!  #20 -LINDSEY!!!!!  I have never seen someone more dedicated on a contest! I'll send you a message lady!  ENJOY YOUR NEW MAT!!!  Bake me some yummy stuff =)

In other news, We moved last weekend.  I don't recommend moving during pregnancy...EVER!  I felt helpless that I couldn't do much.  God bless my husband and wonderful mother in law for all the work they had to do because I couldn't.  It's so wonderful to have such a supportive family =) We are still in the process of unpacking...which is why I haven't been blogging much.  I promise to be better...I know you all miss me!

OH and I totally judged Dr.Hawaiian Tropics too quickly.  Had an awesome visit with him last week!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!



First things first...have you entered my blog giveaway yet?!?!  You still have a week!  It's what all the cool kids are doing! 

For the first time in my pregnancy, this feels real.  I have a baby growing in my belly....and it's ALL sorts of wonderful!  We had the NT scan today.  I am in LOVE!

I was so nervously excited for this scan....So nervous because I hadn't seen Sweet Pea in three weeks.  That's a long time to a infertile. I did LOTS of research about the test and asked so many questions from a friend.  I kept hearing that this was an external scan.  I couldn't believe it!  Only really pregnant people get to do those.  I was still unsure so I shaved my Yeti legs anyway to prepare! 

Once we got to the office and the ultrasound tech got going, my heart seriously soared.  I have never loved something SO much!  Watching Sweet Pea on that screen was something I have dreamed about for MANY years.....something I wasn't sure I would ever get to experience.  Something I will now never forget. 

My darling was perfect!  Heart rate of 167!  Moving around like they were dancing.  Unfortunately, Sweet Pea was being stubborn, just like mom and dad!  The ultrasound tech had to keep shaking Sweet Pea to get them to move.  Of course, all I kept thinking was how she was probably giving my baby brain damage.  Sweet Pea was probably like "What is this? An Earthquake?!" 

She even startled my poor baby who we watched literally JUMP on the screen. That WITCH!

My heart became so full this morning.  I looked at my husband....we created this...and looking at that screen...I thought my heart would burst.  Is there any type of heart better to have then one full of such love?

I unfortunately kept getting yelled at because I was laughing. The mean lady even made me turn on my side away from the screen to try to get a better angle.  What did Sweet Pea do about this?  Turned around and mooned her!  That is my child!!

We finally got the perfect measurement for the NT about 15 minutes later.  I haven't received the risk assessment yet...but she said it is looking normal.

We scheduled our gender scan for eight weeks.  I can't wait to find out what we are having!

I think it finally hit us....we are having a baby!!!!!

P.S.  My husband and I have decided we will NOT be sharing pictures of the baby on here or twitter.  I understand how devastated you are all but we feel strongly about this.  I hope you all can understand and respect our wishes!  xoxoxoxo



Ok Let's talk comfort.......

I'm on the cusp of finishing up my first trimester and let me tell you my friends, I am ALL about comfort these days. I want comfortable pants, comfortable shoes, and my comfortable bed and pillows.

I must admit in my first trimester UTTER fatigue phase...my housework well has...um...what's the best word for it......slacked? all but almost disappeared?   Honestly, if you give me a choice between housework and a nap...I take the nap....EVERY TIME!!!

But seriously, being a housewife there are just SOME things that need to be done sometimes.  Don't get me wrong my wonderful husband has been a HUGE help but he works hard all day and I don't expect him to do everything ALL the time (just most of the time!)

So there are times, when I have to suck it up and get down and dirty.....especially with the dishes!  My biggest pet peeve about washing dishes is the backache.  It's awful!  You end up switching feet to put your weight on, which puts a SERIOUS damper on trying to dance to the music your listening to while washing the dishes.

I'll admit when my husband's stepmother told me about the Imprint Comfort Mats..I was skeptical.  A mat is a mat right?  Oh but this isn't just a mat.  This my friends is HEAVEN for your weary feet.  Washing dishes no longer proves to be an issue (well expect for the fact that I just don't want to!).

These are how great these mats are... I accidentally stepped on the mat with my high heels.  The mats are spongy and my heel print went right into it.  I automatically freaked out! I thought I ruined the mat!  The next day, when I woke up....YOU COULDN'T TELL!!!  I was shocked and in love.  Is there any better way to feel like a woman then to slip on those Manolo's and wash your husband's dirty dishes?  (Don't roll your eyes at me).

The mats don't need to just be used in the dish washing!  You can put it in front of the stove for those yummy delicious meals you make your family.  Put it in front of the bathroom mirror for comfort while doing your hair and makeup!  And if all else fails my friend, they are GREAT for taking naps (not like I know or anything).

So here's the deal: Sublime Marketing Group contacted me to do a review and giveaway to one of my blog readers of their Imprint Comfort Mats.  I of course jumped at the chance...  I have received the great comfort..and now I want to pass it on to you!

Sublime Marketing Group is offering a standard length (20 x 36") Imprint Comfort Mat Elite Series (Retail $69.99) to one VERY lucky reader!  The company will try to grant the color and pattern wishes of the winner but they might vary, depending on what is in stock. 

The giveaway will run until 9/26!  Winner will be chosen at random and announced on my blog on 9/27!  Mat will be sent directly from the company to the winner's house, where the winner can feel free to gush over the comfort! 

Of course you want to know how to enter...LISTEN UP:

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Good Luck =)  May the luckiest person win!


A New Two Week Wait!

As an infertile, I lived in this fantasy land.  I often dreamed about the day I would wind up pregnant and how blissful that time would be for me.  There would never be any worrying like I did when I was trying to get pregnant. No stress....just that warm pregnancy glow everyone talks about. 

I have spent plenty of time living two weeks at a time.  Two weeks leading up to that BIG O (I'm talking ovulation...get your head out of the gutter!) and two weeks after it.  The two weeks leading up to it were full of tears from the last failed cycle, medications, opk's, and lots of visits to the RE to see the blood sucking vultures and my best pal Wandy!  The two weeks after the event, were filled with ALL SORTS of emotions.  It was a vicious cycle....one that felt never ending...and then just like that...it did end. 

However, I have found that pregnancy is MORE worrying than trying to conceive.  No longer are my prayers and fears about a possible child.  I now worry about sweet pea.  Years of stories from people about things going wrong are etched into my mind. Dr. Google has gotten the best of me at times. 

I can't help it folks....I'm neurotic. 

I'm eleven full weeks today.  Fourteen days until I am out of the first trimester! Two more weeks! Another two week wait! 

I'm not saying my crazy neurotic ways will instantly be cured at that point...I'm not naive....they might get worse.  But I will at least enter my second trimester with a smile.....and a little ease!

It's been difficult without the security blanket of Dr. Godfather and Nurse Christmas.  After being monitored weekly, I was told by Dr. Hawaiian Tropics "see you in three weeks".

Saying that's a long time is an understatement.

However, I am pushing forward....My NT scan is in ten days (I can count down with my hands people!!!) 

A different kind of two week wait.  Here we go again......


Letting It Go!

I've been such a bad blogger....shame on me!  I know I stopped like right in the middle of that thirty day blog journal thing but I got bored.  So we will just say it was a 24 day journal and move on =)

I totally had an epiphany last night while watching Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion (by the way...ending was totally lame!).  Caroline made a comment about life not being all lollipops and roses.  I've said that a thousand times before, substituting lollipops and roses for rainbows and butterflies. 

Why can't life be all lollipops and rainbows? 

I know...it's not...but can't I at least try to see the best in everything .....Can't I at least try to be happy and let things roll off my back? 

If I'm having a bad day...why can't there be lollipops?  If I'm going through a storm, why shouldn't I look for the rainbow? 

So I promised last night...I'm starting a new life of lollipops and rainbows. 

Here's the thing...It will be a struggle.  I know it will. I am an extremely passionate person.  I put my heart into people and things I care about and I get mad or protective when issues come up. Unfortunately, this leaves me often angry and unable to sleep.  Who is that hurting? Me.  And it's not just me anymore, its affecting Sweet Pea too!

So I'm letting it go....  I'm grabbing my lollipops and I'm looking for that rainbow. 

I know who is worth fighting for....and I know who isn't. 

I know what is worth fighting for ...and I know what isn't.

People are like holidays. Do others see you as Christmas, or more like Tax Day? 

~Terri Guillemets


Introducing My OB!

Today I have reached the ten week mark!  Double digits baby!  10 down- 30 to go!!!!

On Monday, my husband and I had our very first appointment with our OB.  I was clueless how to find one.  So I picked the hospital I want to deliver at and then asked Nurse Christmas for recommendations.  She gave me three names that Dr. Godfather recommended.  Upon doing research, I made my choice. 

Dr. Godfather's office was state of the art.  New ultrasound machines, flat screens, HUGE fish tank with plenty of fish.  This of course didn't surprise me...I mean infertility is a million dollar business, I'm sure. 

I don't know what I was expecting when I pulled up to my OB....but whatever I was expecting, it wasn't a house. To be honest, I was a little creeped out.  I don't know why!  My pediatrician when I was little worked out of a basement apartment in his house in Brooklyn.  I calmed my fears and went inside. 

The waiting room resembled an old ladies living room.  I half expected to see tea and scones or crumpets or something.  We filled out the massive amounts of paperwork required to find a doctor to deliver your baby.  Just as I finished up....in he came. 

Introducing Dr. Hawaiian Tropics!  He is a mix between:

George Hamilton

and Jack's dad from the show LOST! 

NO LIE!  I'll let that sink in for a moment.........


The truth is he totally looks like a man who delivers babies.  I could picture him delivering my baby. 

Next we had our sit down with him.  He was going to ask us questions and then we would ask him.  Here's the thing.  He totally didn't really want me to ask him questions.  The first question (albeit was about financial concerns but I'm NEW to this...I didn't know) was answered with a snarky response.  HEY DOC- DID YOU NOT SEE MY POST ON THE SUPER PREGGO BITCH CAPE?!?!  After that he just seemed annoyed.  He answered everything but you could tell he didn't want to or maybe my first question annoyed him SO much.....either way...wasn't too happy at this moment. 

My super angel doctor that I ten minutes ago pictured happily delivering my baby...was quickly turning into the devil with a pitchfork.

Next was the examination time....He brought me into a room and I NO JOKE almost passed out when I saw his ultrasound machine.  Maybe I was spoiled at Dr Godfather's but SURELY there was a newer cheaper model that wasn't made in the 80'S?!?!?  The ultrasound machine was as old as I was.....very Commodore 64

I'm sorry but is the maternity business not doing well nowadays?!?! 

He then proceeded to find Sweet Pea.  Looked at the heart and decided it was strong enough (without trying to listen to it) and printed me a picture...which you can imagine is pretty much in 8 bit!  If I ever thought Sweet Pea looked like a blob of jelly...now was the time.  The thing that stopped me from freaking out was that Sweet Pea is measuring on schedule.  Official due date March 31!

He then proceeded to give me magazines to read and send us on our merry little way. 

It was an experience......I don't know how to feel.....

Here's the thing....he came HIGHLY recommended from Dr. Godfather whose opinion REALLY means everything to me.  The man has GOT to be a good doctor.  I don't need to have dinner with him..I need him to take care of Sweet Pea. 

I am giving it one more chance.  I scheduled my NT scan through his office at the local hospital in about 2.5 weeks.  I will then return to see him a few days later.  We will see how that goes. 

Maybe he will be nice if I put on coconut lotion?!?