When One Door Closes.......


The year of the roller coaster....the year of the ups, downs and gut wrenching moments. 

I spent the first half of the year trying to get pregnant and the next half the year praying I stayed pregnant.

I finished my masters degree!

We went on our first cruise!

I turned thirty and realized that God laughs at you when you make plans (which is so evident from my pregnancy the month AFTER I turned 30 and cried about not having the family I always wanted).

We had the happiest day of our life on July 23....finding out after four years of trying that we were finally going to have a baby....

We also had the most terrifying morning of our lives a few weeks later when we thought we were losing Sweet Pea. 

I've met some new amazing people.....people who have surprised me with their kindness...people who have become dear friends who I know will be around for a lifetime. 

We moved.

I have managed after 12 years together,  to fall deeper in love with my husband.  To fully comprehend that I would be empty and lost without him in my life.  To be grateful for his love and support EVERY day.... There is something to be said about the harmony we have found in each other. 

I close this year feeling blessed.   Understanding that each moment is precious....every dream is worth fighting for....and hope is how you get from the lows to the highs. 

I shut the door on 2010 and take a deep breath. 


A year full of excitement

A year full of my dreams

The year of my dear Sweet Pea.

The year I will finally become a mother.