Sweet Pea....The Baby Genius!

Over the last couple of weeks, something wonderful has been happening.  It's hard to describe and the thought of it brings me to laughter and tears. 

I can finally feel Sweet Pea kicking. 

My little girl has been becoming more active by the day. 

This morning, I was sitting and watching some TV when my little one woke up.  I felt a few kicks...and marveled at how weird and wonderful it is!

I was laughing when I realized it!

My baby is a genius already.

She's using Morse code to communicate with us. 

Of course, she was saying good morning to me this morning and thanking me for her yummy breakfast of orange juice and Corn Chex cereal (YUM!!!!). 

Here is Sweet Pea's guide to Morse code....ENJOY!

  • There has been a random kick almost each time I get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  This is Sweet Pea's way of saying " Hey Mom...Is it time to get up yet?  No?  Oh you are getting back into bed?  Ok back to sleep!" 
  • We went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular over the weekend.  I did not feel her kick once until the curtains raised during the nativity scene and showed the manger on stage with baby Jesus.  She started kicking like crazy. (In a hormonal moment of insanity, I burst into tears.  Listening to Hark the Herald Angels song and seeing the true meaning of Christmas with feeling her kick was too much for this emotional sap) That was her way of saying " I love your beliefs mom and dad.  Always remember I am god's gift to you".  
  • After the show, she was kicking up a storm on the way home.  This was her way of telling us " I can dance as good as those Rockettes!!! See?" 
  • While listening to Christmas music, she was moving and grooving up a storm.....until Feliz Navidad came on....She didn't kick once during that song.  That was her way of letting me know "I don't like this song".  We have since began to mute it when it plays =)
  • On Thanksgiving day, I didn't feel her at all while at my husband's cousin's house.  As soon as I got home she was moving like crazy.  Sweet Pea translation "I do NOT like loud noisy places!  Who were ALL those people!?!? I know you are loud Mommy but that was TOO much!" 
So that's Sweet Pea's Morse code system up to date.  Isn't she brilliant?!?!

And YES....I think I will be ONE of those parents...