So You Have Read About What Those Old Wives Believe....But What Do I Think?

I can't believe it is finally here....today is the day!  I will know today if I am having a son or a daughter.

Excited doesn't even come close to describing this feeling.  Unreal feels more like it!  I still can't believe it worked after four years of trial and error...I still can't believe I'm pregnant.

The famous question lately has been...What do I think I'm having?

Since I was little, I always wanted a daughter.  I don't think it's any surprise how much of a girly girl I am!  Plus isn't girls things more fun to shop for?!?!  There always seems to be an abundance of cute things to buy for girls and not so much for boys.

However, once my nephew was born, my heart started to change.  I saw how adorable little baby boys are and how much they LOVE their mama's.  I had always pictured having a little princess...but having a little prince has been slowly creeping into my mind.

After FOUR years of trials and tribulations, of the ups and downs, the tears, the hope...I can honestly say that I don't care what they tell me.  The ultrasound tech can tell me I'm having a frog and I would be completely ecstatic.  It would be OUR frog....a frog my husband and I both worked so hard to create.  Gender truly means nothing to me....my heart will be FULL of love either way.

With all that being said....from the second I found out I was pregnant, I thought it was a boy.  Whenever I picture the baby's nursery it's blue...ALWAYS!  I was talking to be baby the other day and by accident called it a "baby boy".  It just slipped out.  I of course felt awful afterwards....what if it's a girl...OOPS!  So I guess deep down in my heart of hearts...I'm thinking boy.  My husband feels the same. 

Speaking of my husband....I can't describe the feeling of joy when I think about our family.  We dreamed of this for so long.  That moment we are going to share today is going to be one I will remember for the rest of my life.  He has been my best friend for so long and truly knows the ins and outs of my soul.  There is NO ONE I would rather be sharing this life with then him!

I heard this song the other day...and I cried.  It's us...it fits perfectly.  As I listened to the lyrics, I thought about how fitting they are.....how after all the struggles of our infertility we are at the beginning of a new chapter of our lives.

This is dedicated to my husband....may we always be at the beginning with each other!! I love you babe!