Looks Like It's Online Retail Therapy For Me This Year

OH HEY!  There you are!  Did you enter my giveaway with Chic Mama for a fabulous diaper cake?!?!?  You have til Thursday night....GO NOW! Click here.......  I'll wait.......

So it seems that my body is having some pelvic separation issues.  There's a lot of fancy explanations for what happened using some big words that I can't pronounce but all that's really really important to know is that it doesn't affect Sweet Pea and it is CRAZY PAINFUL! 

This new development puts a serious damper on my Black Friday shopping plans.  When you are a serial shopper such as myself, Black Friday is like all the great holidays rolled into one.  Besides the great sales, its the one day where it is acceptable to push someone who is in your way while shopping (not that I would EVER do that). 

Let's be grateful for online shopping or I might have been that crazy old aunt who wraps things up in her house to give as Christmas gifts. Half used bottle of Tums anyone?