Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 24- Dad's Weight Gain

Gaining weight and having a baby go hand in hand for the pregnant soon to be mom....

but....what does it mean if the soon to be dad gains weight too? 

A lot of people write this off to sympathy weight gain.  Our hubbies just feel AWFUL for us that we get to eat extra and give into cravings we might not normally give in to.  They feel so bad for us..that they themselves often join in and eat too! 

The old wives believe that if your hubby is gaining weight during your pregnancy, you are having a girl (probably from all those extra sweets you are eating!)

So has my prince charming gained weight?  NOPE!  I actually think he's losing.  How crazy is that??!? Many a time he has had to finish his food and my food because Sweet Pea doesn't want it. 

So how could he be losing weight?  Oh he had to do so much more around the house than he has EVER had to!  Burning off all those extra calories...that's for sure! 

Due to this extra exercise, I will have to rule this one......a boy!

Girl- 61%
Boy- 39%