Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 23- Feet

To say I have a sock fetish is an understatement!  I have a HUGE drawer FULL of socks (seriously full...you have to push down the top to close!).  Even though my sock collecting started LONG ago, they really came in handy for those early morning RE appts...where the only thing you could leave on your bottom half was your socks! It's all about the statement you make right?  A favorite pair of mine is a sushi roll next to wasabi that says "WASSUP B?"  All of my socks are adorable (as if I would EVER wear plain white socks?!?).

I also have a large collection of soft fuzzy socks....these have become a staple for me in the last few weeks.  My feet seem to always be FREEZING!  I have even adorned my very cute leopard slippers (with socks...OH the TRAVESTY!!!!!) on occasion!

According to those old wives...if my feet are freezing...I'm having a boy!  If they stay the same, I'm having a girl. 

So for the third day in a row...I have to rule this one.....a boy!

Girl- 64%