Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 18- Skin Under Left Eye

Ok so this is a strange one today!

The old wives say if you pull down the skin below your left eye and see a "v" or "branches", it's a girl.

So yes, I went into the bathroom....turned all the lights on and tugged on my skin under my left eye.

What did I see....Luggage!  Bags....heavy bags!
Definitely NO V shape...

I thought this was so weird.  I really saw nothing.  Just my proof of being tired.  I thought for a second...maybe the "V" and "branches" were packed into the bag...This didn't make sense..

So I did what ANY sensible person would...consulted Dr. Google.  He corrected the error of my ways.

You have to look into the EYEBALL....the white part....so I run back to the mirror and low and behold..there is a V...I HAVE A V people!

So this obviously and logically means I am having a girl....DUH!!

Totals to date:
Girl- 71%
Boy- 29%