Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 17- Cravings

Let's talk cravings....It's no surprise for me to say I have a sweet tooth.  The travesty of the first trimester was that the idea of anything sweet made me sick......remember I said I lost the battle with a Snickers Almond?  A SNICKERS people!

I am happy to report that my morning sickness and sickness of sweets has passed....well not so happy to report that I love sweets again!  I did think that maybe I would be able to survive the pregnancy without them....no such luck. 

It is back...and with a vengeance! Willy Wonka will be delighted! 

Everything in moderation right?

However....these are not my cravings.....

My huge craving in the first trimester was fruit.  I couldn't eat enough nectarines or peaches!!!  STILL LOVE fruit....always have...always will....

The theme for the two trimesters so far seems to be cheese....I have wanted so much mozzarella (btw if you pronounce that mozz-a-rella...we really can't be friends!) cheese!  I have been all about the tomato and mozzarella sandwiches!  HOLY SWEETNESS...I want one now!

I also have a HUGE affection for :

Hot chocolate- Dunkin Donuts- YES PLEASE
Cole Slaw- I can't figure this one out...
French Toast
Caramel Apples

 Ok so here is the dilemma....The old wives believe that if you want salty foods, it's a boy....Sweet foods it's a girl. 

My food loves seem to be in both categories.  However, I have MORE in the sweet category than I do the salty category! 

So I'm making it official...I'm calling this one ....a girl!

Totals to date:
Girl- 69%