The Christmas Card

I adore Christmas cards!  I love sending them...I love getting them...I even love sitting down to get them ready to send out while listening to Christmas music and watching the lights twinkling on my tree!  Christmas cards and me are seriously BEST FRIENDS! 

Ever since I got engaged, it's been all about the perfect Christmas card!  I used a picture of us from our engagement party.  Don't picture cards make the idea of Christmas cards so much easier?!?!  You would think I would have learned from that...but I didn't.

The years after that I went shopping for the perfect Christmas card.  I found one with Santa on the beach for the year we moved to San Diego.  Last year, I found an adorable green and pink polka dot Christmas card that was all glittery (so totally me!  Yes I put my husband's name on the card too...but I HAD to WRITE THEM!). 

This year, Christmas cards took on a whole new meaning.  After four years, I am pregnant (I know I might sound like a broken record with that sentence...but seriously...FOUR YEARS!).  Oh the possibilities of the Christmas cards!  There has to be some places that sell pregnancy Christmas cards right?  Well that's what you would think.  I found one.  SO EXPENSIVE.  This is when my mind ran to the ease of our engagement picture Christmas card. 

What if I did something like that?  And then suddenly...I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

I've browsed the other sites...but Shutterfly has the most options....and the best cards.  I made my mom a photo book on their website a few years ago so I knew the ease of the website. 

And I set my mind to it!

Trying to find the perfect card to incorporate Sweet Pea into our Christmas cards is no easy task! 
I looked through their Christmas cards and their Holiday card selections.  I'm still trying to narrow it down.  I *might* even have to ask for my husband's opinion! 

Whatever design and picture we choose will be perfect......I just know it!

Why-Yes!  I am receiving Christmas cards from Shutterfly for writing this post!  With a baby coming on the way, it's all about saving the $$$ and spending it in other places (like on my darling little Sweet Pea!).  Don't get jealous...Just join in! Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly http://bit.ly/sfly2010