To Start Off This Holiday Season......

I have so much to be thankful for this year.  So many blessings to count in my life.  What a difference a year makes.....seriously!

While I continue to recover, from all the shopping, eating and Christmas singing I did this past weekend...reminisce and take a look at my good old infertile holiday songs from last year. 

Oldies but goodies.....I'll have to develop some new ones .......

Rocking Around the Ovary   Sung to the tune of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

This is Hell  Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells

Do You Fear What I Fear  Sung to the tune of Do You Hear What I Hear

The Twelve Presents of This Cycle  Sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas

It's the Most Dreadful Time of the Year  Sung to the tune of It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Do They Know It's Baby Time?  Sung to the tune of Do They Know It's Christmas Time?



My very fabulous blog contest with Chic Mama ended last night.  Thank you to all the wonderful people who entered. 

The comments were read and all valid entries were tallied in order. 

The winner was chosen by Random.org.

Vi!!!!!!!!!  Vi3tl3abe
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Thank you to all who entered!!!  


Looks Like It's Online Retail Therapy For Me This Year

OH HEY!  There you are!  Did you enter my giveaway with Chic Mama for a fabulous diaper cake?!?!?  You have til Thursday night....GO NOW! Click here.......  I'll wait.......

So it seems that my body is having some pelvic separation issues.  There's a lot of fancy explanations for what happened using some big words that I can't pronounce but all that's really really important to know is that it doesn't affect Sweet Pea and it is CRAZY PAINFUL! 

This new development puts a serious damper on my Black Friday shopping plans.  When you are a serial shopper such as myself, Black Friday is like all the great holidays rolled into one.  Besides the great sales, its the one day where it is acceptable to push someone who is in your way while shopping (not that I would EVER do that). 

Let's be grateful for online shopping or I might have been that crazy old aunt who wraps things up in her house to give as Christmas gifts. Half used bottle of Tums anyone?


THE ANNOUNCEMENT (......and the amazing giveaway!)

I have waited SO long for this.  

There aren't enough words......

The feeling was incredible.  

It became real......I'm growing someone in there!  Sweet Pea now has a name.  Sweet Pea now has a nursery set picked out.  Sweet Pea also now has a ridiculous amount of stuff from my shopping spree this weekend.  

If you ask me now, each tear was worth it!  Each fear I felt...each time I felt like I hit rock bottom.  There was no greater high than hearing those words "It's A_______"!

I was approached a few weeks ago to do a review and giveaway with Chic Mama's Diaper Cakes!  After looking at her site, I WANTED one of those diaper cakes to do this announcement.  

So here it is:


 A GIRL!!!!!!!

We can't believe it!  STILL in shock!  I really thought it was a boy!! There goes that mom's intuition old wives tale!!!  


So how cute is that diaper cake?!?!?  The ribbon has little ballet shoes on it!  I am in LOVE AND they even used Pampers Swaddlers, which is the diapers I plan on using with my baby girl....EEEEEKKKK! I JUST LOVE SAYING THAT!  The diaper cake is GORGEOUS!!  It will make a beautiful addition to her room just as soon as I am done having it as the centerpiece on my dining room table!!! 

Here is the AMAZING part.....Chic Mama is giving away one of her fabulous diaper cakes (VALUE $49!!!) to one of my readers!!!!!! 

It's ok...I'll wait a minute til you get back from dancing in celebration!  


Tired now?  Let's keep going.  Of course you WANT to know how to get this.....READ CAREFULLY!

To enter:  you MUST be a follower of my blog AND go on over to Chic Mama's website and leave me a comment telling me which diaper cake you would want, who it's for and what you plan to do with it! (please leave an email address or twitter id so I can notify the winner!)

For extra entries: (Leave a separate comment for each thing you do BUT make sure you do the first MANDATORY thing first or these won't count!)

*Like Chic Mama on Facebook (1 extra entry)
* Follow Chic Mama on Twitter (1 extra entry)
*Tweet about this giveaway (1 extra entry per day! Leave link with the tweet!) 

Contest will run from 11/17-midnight on 11/25.  The winner will be chosen at random from all eligible comments on 11/26...Black Friday...because is there ANY better thing to get on that day then a free diaper cake!!!  

I received a Diaper Cake from Chic Mama in order to conduct 
this review. These are my own opinions about the product.

The Christmas Card

I adore Christmas cards!  I love sending them...I love getting them...I even love sitting down to get them ready to send out while listening to Christmas music and watching the lights twinkling on my tree!  Christmas cards and me are seriously BEST FRIENDS! 

Ever since I got engaged, it's been all about the perfect Christmas card!  I used a picture of us from our engagement party.  Don't picture cards make the idea of Christmas cards so much easier?!?!  You would think I would have learned from that...but I didn't.

The years after that I went shopping for the perfect Christmas card.  I found one with Santa on the beach for the year we moved to San Diego.  Last year, I found an adorable green and pink polka dot Christmas card that was all glittery (so totally me!  Yes I put my husband's name on the card too...but I HAD to WRITE THEM!). 

This year, Christmas cards took on a whole new meaning.  After four years, I am pregnant (I know I might sound like a broken record with that sentence...but seriously...FOUR YEARS!).  Oh the possibilities of the Christmas cards!  There has to be some places that sell pregnancy Christmas cards right?  Well that's what you would think.  I found one.  SO EXPENSIVE.  This is when my mind ran to the ease of our engagement picture Christmas card. 

What if I did something like that?  And then suddenly...I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

I've browsed the other sites...but Shutterfly has the most options....and the best cards.  I made my mom a photo book on their website a few years ago so I knew the ease of the website. 

And I set my mind to it!

Trying to find the perfect card to incorporate Sweet Pea into our Christmas cards is no easy task! 
I looked through their Christmas cards and their Holiday card selections.  I'm still trying to narrow it down.  I *might* even have to ask for my husband's opinion! 

Whatever design and picture we choose will be perfect......I just know it!

Why-Yes!  I am receiving Christmas cards from Shutterfly for writing this post!  With a baby coming on the way, it's all about saving the $$$ and spending it in other places (like on my darling little Sweet Pea!).  Don't get jealous...Just join in! Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly http://bit.ly/sfly2010 


So You Have Read About What Those Old Wives Believe....But What Do I Think?

I can't believe it is finally here....today is the day!  I will know today if I am having a son or a daughter.

Excited doesn't even come close to describing this feeling.  Unreal feels more like it!  I still can't believe it worked after four years of trial and error...I still can't believe I'm pregnant.

The famous question lately has been...What do I think I'm having?

Since I was little, I always wanted a daughter.  I don't think it's any surprise how much of a girly girl I am!  Plus isn't girls things more fun to shop for?!?!  There always seems to be an abundance of cute things to buy for girls and not so much for boys.

However, once my nephew was born, my heart started to change.  I saw how adorable little baby boys are and how much they LOVE their mama's.  I had always pictured having a little princess...but having a little prince has been slowly creeping into my mind.

After FOUR years of trials and tribulations, of the ups and downs, the tears, the hope...I can honestly say that I don't care what they tell me.  The ultrasound tech can tell me I'm having a frog and I would be completely ecstatic.  It would be OUR frog....a frog my husband and I both worked so hard to create.  Gender truly means nothing to me....my heart will be FULL of love either way.

With all that being said....from the second I found out I was pregnant, I thought it was a boy.  Whenever I picture the baby's nursery it's blue...ALWAYS!  I was talking to be baby the other day and by accident called it a "baby boy".  It just slipped out.  I of course felt awful afterwards....what if it's a girl...OOPS!  So I guess deep down in my heart of hearts...I'm thinking boy.  My husband feels the same. 

Speaking of my husband....I can't describe the feeling of joy when I think about our family.  We dreamed of this for so long.  That moment we are going to share today is going to be one I will remember for the rest of my life.  He has been my best friend for so long and truly knows the ins and outs of my soul.  There is NO ONE I would rather be sharing this life with then him!

I heard this song the other day...and I cried.  It's us...it fits perfectly.  As I listened to the lyrics, I thought about how fitting they are.....how after all the struggles of our infertility we are at the beginning of a new chapter of our lives.

This is dedicated to my husband....may we always be at the beginning with each other!! I love you babe!


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 25- Headaches

I hate headaches....DESPISE them!  Although I am not sure anyone actually enjoys them!!  To me, it's like there is a tiny person banging on a drum in there...or using a jackhammer.  AWFUL!

I have spoken to plenty of people that have gotten awful headaches during pregnancy and to be honest, it wasn't something I was looking forward to. 

The old wives believe if you have lots of headaches during pregnancy, it means you are having a boy. 

I am currently five months pregnant today and I am happy to report that I have had ONE bad headache that I can remember.  One in five months?!?  I can deal with that. 

I guess that means I have to make this one.......a girl!

Girl- 63%
Boy- 37% 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 24- Dad's Weight Gain

Gaining weight and having a baby go hand in hand for the pregnant soon to be mom....

but....what does it mean if the soon to be dad gains weight too? 

A lot of people write this off to sympathy weight gain.  Our hubbies just feel AWFUL for us that we get to eat extra and give into cravings we might not normally give in to.  They feel so bad for us..that they themselves often join in and eat too! 

The old wives believe that if your hubby is gaining weight during your pregnancy, you are having a girl (probably from all those extra sweets you are eating!)

So has my prince charming gained weight?  NOPE!  I actually think he's losing.  How crazy is that??!? Many a time he has had to finish his food and my food because Sweet Pea doesn't want it. 

So how could he be losing weight?  Oh he had to do so much more around the house than he has EVER had to!  Burning off all those extra calories...that's for sure! 

Due to this extra exercise, I will have to rule this one......a boy!

Girl- 61%
Boy- 39% 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 23- Feet

To say I have a sock fetish is an understatement!  I have a HUGE drawer FULL of socks (seriously full...you have to push down the top to close!).  Even though my sock collecting started LONG ago, they really came in handy for those early morning RE appts...where the only thing you could leave on your bottom half was your socks! It's all about the statement you make right?  A favorite pair of mine is a sushi roll next to wasabi that says "WASSUP B?"  All of my socks are adorable (as if I would EVER wear plain white socks?!?).

I also have a large collection of soft fuzzy socks....these have become a staple for me in the last few weeks.  My feet seem to always be FREEZING!  I have even adorned my very cute leopard slippers (with socks...OH the TRAVESTY!!!!!) on occasion!

According to those old wives...if my feet are freezing...I'm having a boy!  If they stay the same, I'm having a girl. 

So for the third day in a row...I have to rule this one.....a boy!

Girl- 64%


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 22- Necklace Over Head

Today's tale is similar to one I did in the past.....the string test, in which you tied a ring to a string and held it over your stomach to see which way it swung.  My gender prediction for that test was girl. 

In this one, you take a necklace and have someone hold it over your head and watch which way it swings. 

My husband reported it swung back and forth....which means boy.  If it swung in circles, it would mean girl. 

So I have to rule this one.....a boy!

Girl 67%
Boy 33% 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 21- Hands

We are less than ONE week from finding out what we are having!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  It seriously takes all I have to not walk up to strangers and start shaking them in excitement....or to start jumping on a couch.....

My husband and I both decided EVERYONE we want to tell needs to know before I put the BIG REVEAL on here.  So unfortunately for you guys...that means you will have to wait a few days later.  No need to start smashing your china....I promise I will get it on here as soon as I can (with a REALLY cool giveaway).

Ok so back to those old wives and their tales.  Today's tale is about showing your hands....do you show them palm side up or palm side down?

Me...I *believe* I would show palm side down (I can't actually test this because I know the answers in my head and do not want to be biased).  It feels natural to me...plus it's all about showing off the bling right?  Thanks to my hubby...I got some bling!

According to the wives...showing you palm up means you are having a girl and showing them down means you are having a boy.  So I am ruling this one .....a boy!

Girl- 70%
Boy - 30% 


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 20- Bread


Every "Fluffy" girl's worst nightmare....

So wrong....but tastes so right!

So here is the old wives tale today: If you prefer to eat the ends of the bread...you are having a boy.
If you prefer to eat the middle, you are having a girl.

(Ok so apparently one of those old wives is a baker.....)

I HATE HATE HATE the ends of the bread...I'm all about the middle! (which adds to my middle unfortunately)

So this one is a girl

Girl: 74%
Boy: 26%


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 19- Moodiness

Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 19- Moodiness

This one will be short and sweet...

I have a Preggo Super Bitch Cape......I love it...I embrace it!  It is who I am and I wear it proud!

The old wives believe if you are moody, you are having a girl (ALWAYS blaming the bitchiness on female hormones huh!?!?)

Happy...you are having a boy....

I think my husband will agree when I say I am moody!

In this case....Sweet Pea is a girl!

Totals to date:
Girl- 72%
Boy- 28%

Easy enough huh?


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 18- Skin Under Left Eye

Ok so this is a strange one today!

The old wives say if you pull down the skin below your left eye and see a "v" or "branches", it's a girl.

So yes, I went into the bathroom....turned all the lights on and tugged on my skin under my left eye.

What did I see....Luggage!  Bags....heavy bags!
Definitely NO V shape...

I thought this was so weird.  I really saw nothing.  Just my proof of being tired.  I thought for a second...maybe the "V" and "branches" were packed into the bag...This didn't make sense..

So I did what ANY sensible person would...consulted Dr. Google.  He corrected the error of my ways.

You have to look into the EYEBALL....the white part....so I run back to the mirror and low and behold..there is a V...I HAVE A V people!

So this obviously and logically means I am having a girl....DUH!!

Totals to date:
Girl- 71%
Boy- 29%


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 17- Cravings

Let's talk cravings....It's no surprise for me to say I have a sweet tooth.  The travesty of the first trimester was that the idea of anything sweet made me sick......remember I said I lost the battle with a Snickers Almond?  A SNICKERS people!

I am happy to report that my morning sickness and sickness of sweets has passed....well not so happy to report that I love sweets again!  I did think that maybe I would be able to survive the pregnancy without them....no such luck. 

It is back...and with a vengeance! Willy Wonka will be delighted! 

Everything in moderation right?

However....these are not my cravings.....

My huge craving in the first trimester was fruit.  I couldn't eat enough nectarines or peaches!!!  STILL LOVE fruit....always have...always will....

The theme for the two trimesters so far seems to be cheese....I have wanted so much mozzarella (btw if you pronounce that mozz-a-rella...we really can't be friends!) cheese!  I have been all about the tomato and mozzarella sandwiches!  HOLY SWEETNESS...I want one now!

I also have a HUGE affection for :

Hot chocolate- Dunkin Donuts- YES PLEASE
Cole Slaw- I can't figure this one out...
French Toast
Caramel Apples

 Ok so here is the dilemma....The old wives believe that if you want salty foods, it's a boy....Sweet foods it's a girl. 

My food loves seem to be in both categories.  However, I have MORE in the sweet category than I do the salty category! 

So I'm making it official...I'm calling this one ....a girl!

Totals to date:
Girl- 69%


Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 16- Mom's Beauty

It has been long said by many old wives that if you are having a girl, the girl steals the mom's beauty and if you are having a boy, you glow. 

We have already established in a prior post that my "glow" is masked. 

So I should rule this one girl.....


Last night, my husband looks at me out of the blue and says "We are having a boy".  I ask why he believes that and he says " I hear a daughter steals the mother's beauty but you are looking more beautiful every day...so it's a boy".

(insert blushing and hearts over my eyes and head)

OK so bring on my son.....I'm ruling this one a boy!!!

The totals are:
67% Girl
33% Boy

+ 100% adorable and lovable husband!  I'm insanely lucky <3