Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is- Day 15- Preferred Side of Sleep

Is there anything better in the world than a really good night's sleep?  I keep hearing that my days of zzzzz's are numbered so I am trying to soak up all that I can! 

Luckily I have still for the most part been able to sleep comfortably without Sweet Pea telling me to move. 

I know it is all Pregnancy PC to sleep on your left side.  It's what's best for the baby....I get that.  However...I just prefer to sleep on my right.  I fall asleep faster that way and it's just more comfortable for me.

So according to the old ladies....because my preferred side of sleep is on my right.....Sweet Pea is ........

a girl!

If I preferred to sleep on my left..those old wives believe that Sweet Pea would be a boy. 

I don't get it......

But anyway that brings our total to:
71% Girl
29% Boy

Less than two weeks to go!