Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 14- Hair On Legs

I know it's been a few days since I posted one of these.  I got the flu shot for the first time ever and have been in flu shot hell.  This is not a pleasant place to be.  I'm hoping to return to normal very soon...I'm not enjoying my stay here. 

But anyway...I figured that for today's tale I would put it all out there.....

I know I have casually mentioned my pregnancy Yeti leg hair in another post.  I've always heard all those great things about pregnancy.....of how fast your nails and hair grows.  Well I kinda just thought it would be the hair on my head growing fast....I was wrong. 

It seems that along with growing another human being inside of me...I have also acquired Yeti legs. 

Unsure what I mean.......Think....

.......Abominable Snowman....or...... 

...Harry from Harry and the Hendersons!
Catch my drift? 

Can I tell you how eternally grateful I am to be getting very pregnant during the winter where I can where pants....or at the very least pass my yeti legs off as a new fashionable pair of Uggs?!!?!?

So what does this mean besides having stock in Schick Razors and Skintimate Shave Gel? According to those Old Wives....this means Sweet Pea is ..........a boy!

This brings our total of tales to.....

69% girl
31% boy

Don't be surprised if you see razors and shaving cream on my baby registry =)