Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 13- Toddler Boys

Yesterday I took on the tale by those old wives that states to ask a five year old what you are having.

So I did....my nephew said boy!

Today's tale has to do with toddlers.  According to the tale, if a toddler boy acts interested in you as a pregnant woman, you are having a girl.  If the boy shows no interest, it's a boy.

Of course, I have a story.

We were in church the other week and just behind us was this mom and her adorable son, dressed in their football attire for the day!  As we sat down, my husband and I marveled over how adorable the little boy was.  He would NOT stop staring at me.  I smiled at him and waved and he smiled back....and just kept staring.  His mom then said to me "It's crazy...it's like he knows you...".

So there you have it....of course almost all kids love me...so did this little toddler boy!

Based on the tale...Sweet Pea is.......a girl

Our tale total is now:
Girl - 75%
Boy 25%