Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 12- Ask A Five Year Old

I'm not sure where I read this one but I found it interesting. 

As someone who has spent lots of time with kindergarteners ..I can attest to how perceptive they are! This old wives tale believes if you want to know what you are having....ask a five year old.

Lucky me....my nephew is five. 

Just prior to finding this interesting old wives tale...I had a conversation with my adorable nephew. 

It went like this:

Him: " Aunt Jenn, I saw the pictures of the baby in your belly. Mommy showed me!"

Me: "You did?  That is your little cousin."

Him: "I get presents?"

Me: "No silly...that's your cousin".

Him: "Oh.  It's a boy."

Me: "You think so?  If it's a boy, his name will be "

Him: "And if it's a girl?"

Me: "Then we will call her "

Him: "WHY?!?!"

Me: "Because Uncle Frank and I like that name."

Him: "It's going to be a boy anyway"

My nephew proceeded to tell his father later that night that he found out we were having a boy.  My brother in law asked my sister how we found out so fast.  She told him we didn't...it's just what my nephew thinks. 

So there it is folks.  My five year old nephew thinks its a boy....so I'm ruling this one.....a boy!

This brings our total to:
Girl- 73%
Boy- 27% 

Don't kids just say the darndest things?!?!?

P.S.  Our names will be withheld for awhile...possibly until birth.  I have had issues with name stealers!!!