Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 11- Intelligender

Ok so maybe...just maybe..there isn't any old wives behind this tale....

I suppose science has something to do with this one....

However since I have seen the first picture of this test completed by a preggo...I knew I NEEDED to do it when I could!!

And here it is...I FINALLY can!

As you all know because you are such avid readers of my blog..I went to a few stores last weekend looking for this!  I found it yesterday and bought it in a fit of excitement. 

I couldn't wait.  Of course this is like all other old wives tales....there is a 50/50% chance it is right or wrong.  But still...I think of it as a fun rite of passage. 

We get the package home and I heard the worst possible thing come out of my husbands mouth when he looked at the box

Not recommended for women with PCOS.  

CRAP! I swear those four letters ruin so many things....It's like being branded with a HUGE scarlet letter.  Why not just stamp PCOS across my forehead.

So I did some research....apparently all PCOS women get a boy reading. Well...a boy reading is still a reading...as still has a chance of being right.  I mean it's not like I am going to get a reading that says "Birl" or "Goy".  So I figured what the hell...

I'm doing it!!

So there I was this morning at first morning urine reading the directions and peeing in yet again ANOTHER cup! 

Here are the results:

Nice and dark green....so obviously a boy reading and being that I have a 50/50% chance of having a boy...I'm keeping the ruling. 

I'm officially calling this tale ............a boy!

That brings our totals to:
80% girl
20% boy