Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 8-The Fail of the Drano Test

So I slacked yesterday. Well I didn't mean to slack...it just kind of happened.  I figured all of the greatest writers (like Poe, Shakespeare, Hemingway and me) need days off every now and again right?

You will forgive me...won't you?

Of course you will...moving on.

So my husband and I went apple and pumpkin picking yesterday....well we meant to go apple and pumpkin picking.  We drove an insanely long way to the orchard that we normally go to only to find out that the apple picking was at the OTHER location.  Ok so we will just go pumpkin picking...We walk up to the long line and find out they are charging per person JUST to walk into the patch.  You still need to pay for the pumpkin afterwards.  Because we were only getting one pumpkin, this was silly for us.  We decided to pick our pumpkin from their pre picked pumpkins and go on our way....

Two and a half hour drive round trip and we were there for 15 minutes TOPS. Fun stuff people...fun stuff.....

However the day wasn't a total waste.....we did end up going to the place where I want my crib from and seeing it...and falling in love =)  Crib and changing table is picked out!

Ok so now that you guys feel like you spent the day with me yesterday..let me tell you my drano story.  I have heard mixing drano with urine is an old wives tale on gender.  I figured I would venture out and pick up drano and intelligender (another urine type gender test).  I planned to do the drano test yesterday and the intelligender test today.  We went to store one...got drano...no intelligender. 

We go to store two ....out of intelligender.....so I just figured I would find the intelligender during the week and just do the drano this weekend. 

Got home...all ready to pee in a cup and start to read about the drano test......


Wait...what?!??!  What is crystal drano?  There is more than one kind of drano?  On top of that below EVERY explanation of the test was the warning of lethal fumes because of the reaction.  Screw that people.  No Drano test for me! 

So this weekend I am prepared for a clogged pipe and old wives tale less-  We will resume our gender old wives tale counting tomorrow =)

P.S.  Can I just tell you how I truly adore everyone sharing their stories with me about these tests?!?!?  I love that I am doing this and I love that you all love reading it!  I know that none of these really matter for anything.  We aren't picking bedding out based on it.  Each old wives tale has a 50/50 shot of being right or wrong...it's just fun =)