Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 6-Acne

Acne....pimples....zits...no matter what they are called, nothing brings back the horrors of being a teenager faster than a big blemish on your face. 

All I kept hearing about before I was pregnant was this pregnancy glow that so many people have. 

However, I have noticed that I have a lot less glow...and a lot more of those unsightly skin irritations. 

It's official...you can call me pizza face

According to those old wives, acne during pregnancy means a girl is on the way. 

So I guess if you played connect the dots on my face it would spell....A GIRL!

This brings the six day six test total to:
100% girl
0% boy

Of course when push comes to shove, I would much rather blame my face "issues" on these old wives than my hormones (because I AM NOT acting irrational....EVERYONE else is!).  So for the next month..I will be content blaming those old wives for these issues. 

Anyone else have crater face while pregnant?  Did you end up having a girl?