Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 5- Dreams

I had a dream.....not like Martin Luther King's dream or anything....but a dream about Sweet Pea...a dream about our baby.

It was right after I found out that we were expecting.  The dream was as vivid as anything. It was a boy..we called him by the name we have chosen.  He was an adorable mixture of my husband and I.  That was our baby. 

So I woke up thinking...Ok ...I'm having a boy. 

That was my only dream about Sweet Pea so far in which I clearly know what the gender is.  I took it as a sign...Sweet Pea is probably a boy.  But imagine my surprise when researching old wives tales and I came across a one about dreams and gender from Jane over at His Boys Can Swim (seriously awesome article over there...go read it! I got a lot of my wacky gender old wives tales from there).

According to Jane's list of old wives tales...a dream about a certain gender was OPPOSITE of what you were really having.  So my dream of my sweet little boy actually means I'm having a girl?!?!?

I have nothing to compare this to yet of course.  I have only had one vivid dream so far and that was it.  Of course, if it turns out Sweet Pea is a boy..then it will be easy to explain that my subconscious already knew.  Even though..I'm not sure Sweet Pea even knew at that point in which I had the dream =)

But basing this strictly on the old wives tale, Sweet Pea is........a girl

This brings our Five Day - Five Tale Count to:
100% girl
0% boy

Have you guys ever had dreams about the gender of your baby PRIOR to finding out what you were having?  Were these dreams right or wrong?