Do These Old Wives Know What My Baby Is? Day 2- String Test

Ok so today's test of these old wives tales was an experiment.  We did the string test. 

For those unfamiliar with the string test....you tie your wedding ring to the end of a string, hold it over your belly...give it a swing and watch the motion. 

I had my hubby help me with this one.  I knew what the string swings meant and I didn't want to be in any type of manipulative position with the string.  I tied my wedding ring on a shoe lace, laid down and had him hold the string over my belly.  I told him we were looking to see if the string was swinging back and forth or in circles.  I did NOT tell him what each meant. 

He swung the string and there it was..swinging back and forth. 

According to the old wives....swinging in a circle meant boy and back and forth meant girl. 

So today our reading for gender was......A GIRL!

This brings our two day old wives tales total to:

100% girl
0% boy

Did anyone do this?  What were your results?